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Turkish brothers Toxoz close to Pernigotti: Farewell to the history of pastry industry


Aside from the history of the Italian confectionery industry: Pernigotti is the synonym for chocolate in the national collective imagination since 1860, and elsewhere. Or rather: the mark is likely to remain, only memory will remain The Novi Lercer company, which still employs 200 employees, of which 50 were produced, while the rest – for administration and sale: announced 100 redundancies.

The decision that was in the air, but by the end was hoped that this was not the case. Instead, today, the meeting convened by Confindustria Alessandria, which has led to the addition of unions and workers, would never have wanted to hear. Company representatives today announced a drastic decision to close the plant. And the city has already begun mobilizing the city in order not to lose the legacy of history and tradition.

Tomorrow I will become the front of the trade unions and workers' leaders at the factory gate and meeting between the same trade unions and Mayor of Novi Rocchino Mliere, who is facing another crisis after IlvesBut in this case, it seems that the limits of maneuver do not really exist. Now the factory destiny, which now has fifty employees, and exactly two hundred commercial spaces, is now noted.

If the Viale Rimembranz factory Novi, who has given birth to novels and generations of the same city, will end, it should remain the brand, but it is likely that the product will be relocated abroad.

On the eve of trade union concerns, they stressed that many producers had already been handed over Turkey and it also decreased in the ice cream industry, of which Pernigotti always pride in leadership. Workers' representatives have been waiting for a recovery plan after the 13 million losses that have accumulated over the last five years. And instead there is a completely opposite sign. Cold showers at the Novi plant closing. Even frozen

Founded in 1860

The history of the company dates back to 1860 when Stefano Pernigotti opens Marketplace Novi Ligure, a grocery store specializing in "drugs and colony", and has since been famous for producing a valuable knife. In 1868, after steady growth in store products, Stefano decided to set up a business with his son Francesco twenty-five: On June 1, 1868, Stefano Pernigotti & Figlio was officially founded with six thousand liters of capital – a food company specializing in the manufacture of confectionery.

In 1919 Paolo Pernigotti replaced his father Francesco in the father's company. But the date that maybe recognizes the history of the confectionery company is 1927, when he first began to produce gianduiotto, the most valuable and most famous Italian chocolate, officially born in Turin in 1865 and named after Gianduia, the famous cemetery of Piedmont's carnival.

In 1935, Paolo Pernigotti acquires Enea Sperlari, in 1936 Paolo launches a new production of ice cream products, which is still one of the company's strongest ingredients. In 1944, the bombing destroyed a factory that was rebuilt and transferred to the former military warehouses of the Viale della Rimembranza, which are now closed.

In the sixties, Paolo took his son Stefano Pernigotti, who in 1971 gained Streglio specializing in cocoa based products. In the 1980s, a period of crisis followed the sale of Sperlari to the Americans by H.J.Heinz Company in 1981.

In 1995, Stefano Pernigotti, left without heirs after the disappearance of his two young children in a car accident in Uruguay in July 1980, decides to sell the historic Novi The Averna family, known for its success in the alcoholic beverage industry. In 2000 he also sold Streglio to his son.

On 11 July 2013, the Averna Family Company sells to the Turkish group belonging to the Toksöz family and operates in the confectionery, pharmaceutical and energy sectors.

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