Thursday , February 25 2021

The iPhone X icon exploding after upgrading to iOS 12.1

L & # 39;iPhone X is one of the main models an Apple, a leading company in the production of smartphones, computers, tablets and laptops. Speaking of extremely expensive and high-performance phones, the failure can be around the corner, but what happened to the guy is unbelievable.

A few days ago The iPhone X has explodedin the true sense of the word, while the owner updated the device for iOS 12.1. It was announced by the owner via Twitter via public mail. Apple's official response was not slowed down.

iPhone X explodes: Apple's answer

A special situation is what has happened, and so too Apple's official website commented on a report stating that it was not anticipated behavior and that they would go immediately to see the reason for the situation.

"I bought my iPhone in January and I usually use it. Immediately after updating my phone to iOS 12.1 while the iPhone was substantially updated, as usual, when I was charging the device, I saw smoke escape from the device and I disconnect it from the power supply. When the phone is reset after the update, he literally ignited"

It is very likely that the consistency of these two events is completely random, but the user used the original cable and power supply. Apple asked her send your phone to find out the causes. In fact, Apple's response was quite obvious when we thought about when they wrote that the problem was not expected behavior: why should the phone explode? It is very likely that in the coming days we will know something more and maybe the same boy will again be heard with other explosion-related sites.

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