Monday , December 6 2021

The hair analysis will reveal the yellow color of the death of Morian, Savoy's heritage


He died drinking a glass of water. But what was the cause of Moriah's death? The truth of the hair exam. The secret of the death of Prince Benedetto Placido di Savoia to Sassari and the Governor of Logudor and the king, Vittorio Emanuele, will be resolved deeply. The dead son of Savoy Amadeus III, Savari, died in Sassari in 1802, 36 hours after drinking water. Was it poisoning, as was mentioned in the last twenty years of suspicion? Toxicological tests will be carried out on the Savoy House, which remained during the months when the funeral monument was restored, at the Kid's Cathedral. The remains of the book were kept in two wooden buildings, which were abducted at the monument to the Cathedral, five years after his death. This explains the lack of clothing, objects and ornaments, such as buttons, buckles, ornaments and weapons.

The cashier has now taken over from Sassari and Pisa's university research team, including anthropologists, anatomists, radiologists, toxicologists, paleopathologists, entomologists, historians and archaeologists. This includes Gino Fornaciari, Andrea Montella, Alessio Pirino, Lino Bandiera, Antonio Fornaciari, Eugenia Tognotti and Director of the Eurasian Heritage Office, Giancarlo Zichi. The dominant houses had a long section, inward removal, removal of the heart and gut, balancing. As far as we know, Benedetto Placido was the last of the Savoy households to whom this practice was carried out. Tac has already been made. The first discovery of paleopathologists and physical anthropologists revealed the appearance of a prince: a prolonged, pronounced nose, at least 1.75 high, well-defined muscle attacks, intense physical activity and justice, which however left him inherited a small osteoarthritis. The dental examination revealed the presence of caries due to sugar intake. Some of the substrate tibia signs are also presented in a slightly "crumbly" aspect – an abnormal phenomenon caused by the deficiency of vitamin D in childhood, in the bone growth phase.

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