Tuesday , May 30 2023

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MILAN – 11:00. Markets return to the hope of providing a "peaceful" solution to trade tensions between the United States and China and price lists fly. The greatest use of optimism is the phone call between US President Donald Trump and US President Xi Jinping and Trump rumors asked officials to come up with a business agreement in G20 in Argentina.

After the cautious departure of the news a Tokyo Stock Exchange Closed by 2.56%. The whole Asian region has moved euphorically: Seoul rose 3.53%, Shanghai 2.7%, Shenzhen nearly 4%, Hong Kong is still in progress, 3.5% ahead. This is the best meeting for Asian stock exchanges since April 2016 (Msci's Asia Pacific index slows down by 5 percent this week) and confirms the rise in recent meetings, which actually took place after a terrible October. the markets ended at a global level since they had not seen it for six years.

Europe is rising upwards. The opening, Milan Search for 1.4% Frankfurt 1.2% salt, Paris 1.25% e London 0.7%. Well, even the deadline for Wall Street, which put away concerns about Apple's accounts. "Trump's positive comments with China's trade tensions will encourage investors in the short term," said Tai Hui, Managing Director of JPMorgan Asset Management in Hong Kong, Asia-Pacific Bloombergwho first announced the White House plan. "While we are still cautious of the medium-term solution to trade conflict, the fact that dialogue has broken down so far is enough for investors to restart their purchases.

In Italy, the financial maneuver continues to hold the bank: a between BTP and the Bund the general relaxation, and is still falling by 290 basis points at the beginning of the day and less than 3.3% for ten-year BTP. L & # 39;euro rises above $ 1.14 and the yen is a safe haven, with the European currency changing from $ 1.419 to 129.10 yen. The growth prospects of the euro area and, in particular, the slowing down of the PMI index in Italy, fell by 52 percentage points in the single currency, even below the 50 threshold (which separates contraction from economic growth) for tricolor. Investors are then expecting a report on American work.

Finally, among the raw materials a oil this stabilizes after WTI crude oil, which stands at 0.06% to $ 63.73 / barrel, stabilizes after strong sales last year. Brent also rose by 0.45% to $ 73.22 per barrel. L & # 39;gold decreases: it manages $ 1,232.79 per ounce, which means a 0.67% decrease.

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