Tuesday , February 7 2023

Tesla, Robin Denhol, President. Musk chooses a 5G woman


If you can not read about the small details that are on the Tesla Board (and the Audit Committee) from 2014,
Robin Denholm's appointment as a sign. It's a top-level driver's choice, which, despite being one (one) automotive fellow tech dna
he knows and how. Denholms has spent Sun Microsystems, Juniper, Abb and, last but not least, Telstra
with the latest work of the Director of Finance and Strategy (only two months). Denholm leaves the company
of the most advanced telecommunications on the 5G rally (commercial launch across the territory of Australia, divided into
three phases for 2020). In short, he knows very well the secrets of future connectivity,
it will be essential for cars to handle gigantic data, consult each other and allow a high level
automation, as well as relevant entertainment information and a guide.

55 year old from Sydney for not being new entries for a Palo Alto company. Really. The case can not jump
the eye Therefore, more than one observer believed that Elona Muska's movement was lost in the opportunity to give in Tesla
truly independent guide. Of course, the father is small or not really liked, and is fascinated by it
The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), which operates on the American Stock Exchange, is a man's favorite style of behavior
provocations, as well as impossible challenges. After all, Musk was forced to give up the chair, he would not have
definitely on its own initiative.

SEC at the end of September launched a lawsuit on allegations of fraud and false and misleading statements to investors
on Twitter, on which on August 7 the founder and CEO of the volcano, without notifying the shareholders and without notifying authorities, had announced their intention
withdraw Tesla from the Stock Exchange. All this contributes to the PIF Competition for the Saudi Arabian Fund. Excessive prices, 420
The dollar per share, calculated with a premium of 20% compared to the prices of those days. But, promising Musku, provoking
a wonderful leap in the title, funding provided. Keep enough stars and streaks to lay your shoulders
on the wall entrepreneur, both dreamy and open. The issue was closed on the basis of the agreement, rather than the cost
Beloved Musk: an obligation to leave the presidency for three years and fines for 40 million dollars (20 for him and 20
In Tesla)

Today witnesses are notified of the transfer.

Denholm, the Australian TLC company will leave after the six-month notification period has been completed
a full time California car manufacturer. At the same time, you have already resigned from the audit committee. It remains to be seen before
will be higher than the company will be able to manage musk intemerate. Perhaps it is a more challenging challenge than it is
After having worked as a financial expert for seven years, I was able to invest Tesla in the first balance in profit
consecutive quarters in red.

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