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Tennis the next gen, Tsitsipas wins the finals


Stefanos Tsitsipas. Getty

Stefanos Tsitsipas. Getty

The latter will be held by Stefanos Tsitsipas in order to reach Alex De Minaur in the final phase of the Final Final 2018 in a crucial match after a severe battle, blows and nerves against Andrei Rublev. The 20-year-old Greeks get the second second half of the evening with a score of 4-3 3-4 3-4-0-2-4 4-3, five pure adrenalin kits ending with a decisive break in the partial neck. And to think that Tsitsipas seems to have a hand in hand when, before two sets to one, he was snatched at the back of the service at the start of the fourth game. But still, when it seemed that it was fortunate, it was who gave it. Before the semifinals, he won 29 of the 30 rounds played at the Milan-Rho Fair in Hall 1, leading the 8 best young people, as well as the ratio between the allocated and saved break points (8 out of 9). In the second part of the game against the Rublev, things have changed. Without this weapon, which is essential in order to create points and reduce the pressure from the blows of the Russian sphere, Tsitsip's risk is high.

the host
"It seems like I'm a rider – after the game, Greece said:" I came across a very good opponent, and I myself stood there, I'm nervous when I lost the service a while. "The game is not lost, but the head is: when the fourth The set is crazy, there are broken headsets used to talk to the coaches between the field shift and the other. In the group stage three games Tsitsipas had lost only one set, he lost two to Rublev, but managed to save himself. met only once in January 2017, and Andrei won at that time. At the same time Tsitsipas grew up: he won the first title in Stockholm and previously had two finals between Barcelona and Toronto (both lost to a certain Rafa Nadal). Also, the take-off in Canada, The whim is becoming the latest tennis Back to Top 4 in just one week.

guaranteed exhibition
The decisive battle for the X-shaped trophy was Korean Hyeon Chung (then semi-finalist at Australian Open 2018), Tsitsipas and Di Minaur arrive with two similar similar routes, which have hardly been standing by the respective group (both have lost only one set in three robin games); both played 5 sets in the semifinals. On Friday night they left some physical and mental energy. But given the size of the talent – and the format that does not allow unlimited unlimited marathons – the exhibition on Saturday night is guaranteed.

Alex De Minaur (Aus) b. Jaume Munar (Spa) 3-4 4-1 4-1 3-4 4-2; Stefanos Tsitsipas (Gre) b. Andrei Rublev (Russia) 4-3 3-4 3-4-0 2-4 4-3.

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End 3/4 place: Jaume Munar – Andrei Rublev (19.00); Conclusion: Stefanos Tsitsipas – Alex De Minaur (21:00). Live TV on SuperTennis.

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