Sunday , June 4 2023

Sports against leukemia – clickMedicine


The Italian association for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma presents the conference "Fighting leukemia … Also with Lo Sport, the first meeting organized by the AIL dedicated to the relationship between sports activities and blood vessel cancer in order to demonstrate the positive effects of sports onchematologic patients; to promote the overcoming of cultural and practical barriers in order to facilitate adult and childrens sports suffering from blood cancer and to improve their quality of life.

Exercise is a powerful remedy for cancer. Epidemiological studies have already shown that ongoing physical activity is a prophylactic factor for some types of blood cancer; Some studies indicate that participation in exercise programs is the strategy that best influences the quality of life of patients with haematological cancer in adolescents and older children. However, a study conducted by thousands of patients has shown that sports activities prolong survival by reducing disease progression and recurrence.

Despite scientific evidence, however, after a diagnosis of a disease of the blood cancer, only a small proportion of the patient's athlete contributes to the continuity and intensity necessary to obtain several benefits. There are still important cultural and practical barriers that patients do not offer for physical exercise, and now they should be considered as medicinal products such as "Exercise Medicine" for oncological and oncohematological patients. Many clinical and research studies mainly conducted in North America and Northern Europe show that Oncological practice is considered a subdiscipline of new oncology sciences. The congress will take place on November 11, 2018, at Salus Theater, Hall 9, Fiera di Roma, at noon. 10 am to 1:30 pm

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