Saturday , March 6 2021

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During the horrors of freedom of the press during the period, the crime was divided into political assaults. Therefore, I want to express my full solidarity with the journalists and reporters who yesterday were victimized by Alessandro Di Battista: he made them his favorites. This is a blow that could disrupt the acrobatic boar patrol's career. But they are all impeccable professionals and will know how to get up.

Among other things, the GdG sent (the fact that the completeness of its articles has recently been renamed as "Che") is not the first and not the last list of change choices designed to affect national events. At least, when he returns from the Latin American trip to the acetic adversaries – Mojitos.
Before they appear on Facebook Twitter and Tinder, here's what DiMiO's successor values ​​and does not.
Be sure to adjust now.

Giornali The Future Country, where he says he became the publisher of Di Maio.
Television "Dancing with the Stars", as there are even more than five.

"Sereno variable" because it reminds him of the government's point of view. Italia's "No Talent," because it reminds him of Giuseppe Conte. "Everything is possible tonight", because it reminds him of drawing up the budget. "Yes, but the Democratic Party in its place" because … has not left, but will be the first yellow-brown variety Raiuno.

Television series "Lost", "I Sovranos" (with Matteo Salvini), "La casa di carta moneta" (dark story about the restitution, firmly established in the last parliamentary term), "three card house" (with Giovanni Triju ), "Breaking Bad all" is a three-dimensional version of the famous US fiction, in which a chemist professor, rather than a drug dealer, stays at home with a citizen's income (it only lasts one episode).

The movie "Rocco Attacks the Palazzo Chigi".

Music Maybe it's from the Maghreb, but he thinks the Maghreb is in Basilicata. Ligabue, because he liked it even if he was a sculptor. Orietta Berti even if Di Maio wants it. Neffa, because he has a balance with wafers. Owl, because they remind him of the pressure of old politicians.
Eros Ramazzotti. Punto.

Literature by Esselunga, Geronimo Stilton, Gabriel Garcia Hemingway brochure.

* Almost

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