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Ronaldo's goal then collapse. And Mourinho shows his ear


Mourinho gestures at the end of the game. Bozzani

Mourinho gestures at the end of the game. Bozzani

There are evenings when everything changes in an instant, and the party becomes a joke. And "what happened at the stadium, who was dressed in a party who first enjoyed the skills of Christian Ronaldo, and then remained unsatisfied with Manchester's revenge, came to the end, signed by Mata, and the same goal as Alex Sandro, with two goals scored with sets of Juventus Aichi heel. Cristiano Ronaldo's first goal in the Champions League with Juventus was against the team that made him Manchester United and a Portuguese coach like him, Jos Mourinho, from whom he was a student in Real, but with whom the relationship is no more idyllic for a long time, but it was useless, because now, so that the eighth qualification again discusses everyone.

Allegri confirms the attack on Old Trafford (CR7 with Cuadrado and Dybala) and assumes the slaughtered Cancelo and Matuidi, replaced by De Sciglio and Khedira, and returns from the first minute after about a month of injuries due to injuries. The stadium is wrapped (stock record with 4,194,190 euros) and hot and backup treatment of antipodes under the odiato Mourinho (whistling and with the offending choir) and ex-Pogba expo: he's just applauded. The game comes right away with a shot Cristiano Ronaldo rejected in a corner, then he kissed and woke up in the first half when Khedira got into the post for the CR7 big ball. Right before that, there was another great opportunity for Juventus: the Kūdrado shot that Matic jumbled, and then De Gea touches just enough to remove it from the door, but for a short bite, Lindaleof offers Dybala (one of the best). Juve is reluctant but, of course, plays a better, good ball, squeezes well, and in the middle is a specially inspired Bentangur who sews himself and sews in his waist, United's more cautious his 4-3-3, Martial and Lingards from the side of Alexis Sanchez, but ready attack break The only real possibility for English before the interval is with Alex Sanchez, who does not participate in Matic's suggestion of a free exit for Szczesny.

In the second half of the season, Juventus rushes in and, after a few minutes, crosses the word Dybala: turn to Del Piero on the left, which can only stop bad luck. After an hour's quarter comes a divine moment: the wonderful Bonucci and Ronaldo are right without a go. Portugal's performance continues with a penalty sticker printed over, while Pyanich and Cuadrado have been wasting two good duplication options. And this is the sin of Juventus: it does not provide the game with the goal of doubling. Manchester is based on a little but cynical and wins in this finals. Before the death of the deceased for the newly created Mata in a few minutes from the end, then the 90's grieving the network comes: another fine Young, but the last touches Alex Sandro's shoulder. Mourning Mourinho is celebrating with a controversial headset gesture, but the stadium is shocked: the game is thrown away.

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