Monday , March 1 2021

Press freedom, journalist flash mobs for information protection – chronicle

Italian street journalists to protect freedom of the press. The National Press Federation organized flash mobs in the regional capitals, which also received the signing from their colleagues in Brussels and London with a slogan "Skip Info". After the squares leave a consensual chorus Luigi Di Maio and Alessandro Di Battista against the journalists after the verdict of the verdict Virginia Raggi.

Following positions adopted yesterday for key institutional positions,Communications Guarantee Authority. "Every attack on the press, he claims, risks jeopardizing the constitutional expression of freedom of thought, based on pluralism of information and the right to news and criticism."

The main events in the presence of the leaders of the Piazza dei Santi Apostoli Federation in Rome and Via Vivaio in Milan. The Presidium also hosts Ancona, Aosta, Bari, Bologna, Bolzano, Cagliari, Campobasso, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Perugia, Pescara, Potenza, Reggio Calabria, Turin, Trieste, and Venice. The 5-star reaction was not delayed.

"Freedom of information is guaranteed, in particular by improving the working conditions of journalists, in particular remunerated journalists, after exploitation" Luigi Di Maio video on the social network, adding: "We want to guarantee fair compensation " also for journalists. "The press should be free," added Di Maio, stressing that "there is a bill that proposes incentives for so-called clean publishers, which has no political or economic interests. "What today is talking about a dictatorship like Berlusconi makes me laugh a bit – says Di Maio, because he represents this political group, who when he was in government, even cleaned up such journalists as Biagi, Luttazzi and Santoro" Then we lived in the Renzian era in which Rai flew Gabanelli, Giannini, Giletti, Floris, Mercalli, Porro, and we defended them. "

"He left corporate, childish, pathetic, hypocritical defender, a conformist and, moreover, a non-productive part of the media system – he emphasizes Alessandro Di Battista -. When pride and adultery do not know how to apologize for the lies written in Rays in order to protect the dead system sword contract because it has confirmed neoliberalism and all its evil, leave with the ordinary litas: "release your hands from" "If I was a journalist, I would move away yourself from those who invent the facts and shoot at the target, "adds Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafeed.

Here are all the venues for the event

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