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Prato, Quaestor against Anpi, Complaints to those who challenged her and the Prefect of April 25

ANPI whistle, cartels and choirs against the prefect Rosalba Scialla and their official party on 25 April were not pleased by Commissioner Prato Alessio Cesareo. Telex was sent from the police station to the Ministry to announce that protesters would be reported.

As you write Corriere FiorentinoOn April 25 last year, the Quaestor signed an "urgent" telex to inform dicastery of what happened during the festival at Santa Maria delle Carceri, when a protest against Sciala took place during the celebrations. Prefet had terminated the dispute about granting permission on March 23 to show Forza Nuova celebrating the birth of Fasci militants in Tuscany. When the solemn speaker named his name, some of the celebrations took part in asking them to depart from slogans and choirs. The signs were written as "Prefect go" or "Prefect and Quaestor 23. In March, when you made the wrong decision, we are right. Prato is an anti-fascist" or even "prayed and the Quaestor of this city deserves better".

It is said in telex that "During the Liberation Celebration, a group of ANPI-owned items was questioned by choirs and cartels, which were later won by police officers, Prefect Scialla and Quaestor Cesareo" and that the choirs had been asked to withdraw from the prefect and match some typical guerrilla fighting songs. " Digos and the scientists have created a video about the event and got "some signs with phrases that are considered unanswered for the event," and "the issues responsible for these behaviors that are identified will be reported to the judiciary."

Prato Prosecutor Giuseppe Nicolosi. confirmation that a message has been received from the police station. "We are evaluating whether there is any reason to start an investigation into this episode – he explains – in this case, we hypothesize the crime of contempt". Nicolosi added that the information relates to disputes with choirs and whistles, but without insults.

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