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Ovarian cancer: the number of cases over the past 5 years has increased by 7 percent


Ovarian cancer is still one of the most dangerous forms of cancer, and the female gynecological tumor remains the most serious. Unfortunately, in Italy, the number of women is increasing every year: in 2018, 5,200 new cases are expected, and by 2013 it will increase by 7 percent. It is also a disgraceful illness, also due to the fact that eight out of ten patients are diagnosed in advanced stages when treatment is more difficult and often fails. In recent years, there have been important therapeutic innovations based on better knowledge of the molecular and genetic causes underlying the disease and which are hoping for a significant increase in patient survival.

BRCA mutations and targeted medicines: therefore, survival is extended

Molecular research uses ever-advanced bioinformatics technologies: the latest trends in this field of science and its applications in clinical cancer practice in recent days in Milan have been presented at the NGS NGO NGO conference in the CIS: sequencing of the next generation for next-generation oncologists. Ovarian cancer is a remarkable case of positive results that we have gained through the ever-expanding analysis of the human genome, "explained Maurizio D & # 39; Inkalcio and Congress, organized by the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacology at the Institute of Pharmacology at the Institute of Pharmacology at Tesaro Bio. Recent biological knowledge is often the basis for diagnostic changes and, hence, therapeutic changes. In particular, this breeder has a high degree of non-compliance with medical needs, especially for women who do not have BRCA mutations, which are mostly cases and are characterized by a worse outlook. From this neoplasia, we now have a lot of data on the BRCA mutation, which can lead to a greater sensitivity to some of the drugs. it is a PARP inhibitor, an innovative drug that is particularly active against tumors with DNA repair defects, such as from ovaries.

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What is it?
Difficult technologies are required to analyze DNA data

Need more teamwork between oncologists, biologists, bioinformatics and pharmacologists – adds Andrea Sartore Bianchi, Head of the Molecular Clinical Anthology of the Milan Niguard Hospital. The amount of information we collect from the laboratory gets more and more into the clinical practice every day. We need a very sophisticated and in-depth analysis that is possible with sophisticated and constantly-developed technologies, and therefore, it is necessary to constantly update the skills of individual professionals. In recent years, we have seen the development of high-tech DNA sequencing – explains D & # 39; Incalci -. One of the latest systems developed by Next Generation Sequencing (or NGS) and has been used by many Italian laboratories for many years. The most interesting aspect is that using it in a very short time, it is possible to get a lot of data on the entire genome and its various changes. We obtain such valuable information that is properly processed and interpreted: therefore, the role of bioinformatics in this work is essential.

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Lung cancer: Treatment is decided on the basis of genetic changes

A particular example is the treatment of lung cancer that is more and more differentiated according to genetic mutations in a single patient. In the case of lung carcinoma, the characterization of the molecular profile of the tumor, which is now essential for planning a treatment option, concludes Sartore Bianchi. In particular, in recent years several tumorigenic changes have been identified that can be treated with specific inhibitors even sequentially. In addition, we can now use liquid biopsy, which consists of simple blood sampling, which can partly replace tumor tissue analysis. The test currently used to identify EGFR gene mutations both before and during specific treatment.

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