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Myeloma, from the research campaign Ail (November 13, 2013)

"Every year in Italy there are 5 to 7,000 new diagnosis of multiple myeloma and at least 15-20,000 Italians live with this very aggressive cancer," he says. Mario Boccadoro, Director, University of Turin, Department of Hematology. According to Boccadoro, "over the past 15 years, the survival of patients with multiple myeloma has increased from 2.5 to 10 years." Therefore, "significantly increase knowledge of this haematological tumor in general in order to improve patient understanding and quality of life," he added. Sergio Amatori, President of AIL.

In this context, awareness-raising campaigns, such as the Ail (Italian association against leukemia-lymphoma and myeloma Onlus), which, in collaboration with Aladdin's lamp and Celgene, have been particularly important the fight against this, which is the second most common type of cancer that affects the elderly, and the average age is a 70-year diagnosis. The campaign uses two reviews, the Olympic fences – Aldo Montano and Elisa Di Francisca – according to his slogan: "Myeloma I disputed you, I do not allow myself to fall." The campaign includes a video for the web, a video of two Olympic fighters and a traveling installation I Duellanti to be held on November 15 in Rome at the Piazza di Spagna. After this first Roman stop in 2019, the facility will be located in Palermo, Bari, Naples, Bologna and Turin.

Aldo Montano, Gold Medal of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, emphasized that "life should always be positive, supporting the people next to you who are struggling with you, and above all, you should not be overtaken by you. life sometimes tries to knock you, the goal is to fight to the end. Often, we manage to win. "

In Sergio Amador, such campaigns "help to increase knowledge about the disease through a wide range of widespread information coming to the media, physicians and the public. The added value of these campaigns is the precision, accuracy and validation of the information that is being offered to the general public."

"For many years it has been said that volunteering in the alternative provides services that the authorities can not offer; today I think we should talk about cooperation," he concluded. Davide Petruzzelli, President of Aladino Lamp"Collaboration that can be implemented from good practice, while involving patients' associations more systematically, organically and more structurally."

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