Sunday , February 28 2021

## Movie about Cucchi Montecitorio. Fico: "Polemika to Salvini no"

Rome, November 13 (askanews) – Silence, Absolute. Before, in the chamber, in the parliamentary group, the film "On My Skin", depicted by Alessio Cremonini, reflecting the dramatic story of Stefano Cucchi, was followed and thereafter. Camera presidents Roberto Fico's wishes, which they saw, in addition to his sister Ilaria and lawyer and his life partner, Fabio Anselmo, several Members of Parliament and former. Among these are Nichi Vendola (his first public appearance after a heart attack that hit him in recent weeks), Ivan Scalfarotto, Roberto Giachetti.

At the end of the two projection hours, absolute silence covered a blind alley. Bright eyes and faces moved among all present. He said that "silent silence", commenting on Fiko, urged Interior Minister Matteo Salvini ("I do not have time to go to the cinema") that "I do not want to talk about disputes, if it is looking for the truth, and it makes the country close to its citizens" . In this case, he stated: "I will do everything possible, even when approaching the Cucchi family." The truth assessment, said Fico, "belongs to magistrates, but today is an important family day, I have made the chamber accessible to tell this story to all Italians." The truth "does not harm any state apparatus, it only does well".

The film "was touching and concise in its purity," the President of the Chamber noted, "and full of silent steps that have made history a reality." Following the presence of some Members in the Fico project, he recalled that "at the same time there is a vote: if there had been some time, there would be a full house."

Ilaria Cucchi explained that the film reflects the story of a violation of rights and that is not the world in which we want to raise our children, even if – he added – my brother's story is not over yet. " Today in this Parliament he continued: "It was an important and important moment: Brother Stefano came here with a real and up-to-date movie. It was an honor to be here here during the screening, for which I always thought of Stefano. I thank Fico for it."

Ilaria Cucchi did not want to express herself about the absence of Salvini. "Do not be careful about the interior minister – he said – those who care about our battle are on our side."

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