Saturday , March 6 2021

Mortgages, after the historic lowest rates, get a strike: rates have already risen

From the historic minimum rates to new mortgages. This is a trend that is carried out by the main banks, which according to the movements that have taken place in recent months a new interest rate increase is gradually increasing. "The prevalence of the past summer has increased 20-30 basis points fixed interest rates on mortgages and 15-20 basis points for variable-rate mortgages, "explains, chief executive of Adnkronos Stefano Rossini, who peaked in October and November." After a long period of inactivity, when the penetration of fixed lines has reached its historic low of about zero, "the expert states," from July, but especially since September, we have experienced every month significant changes in the rates of new mortgages such as Intesa San Paolo, Unicredit and Monte dei Paschi di Siena. "According to Rossini, the increase is due to the" delay in the review of fixed interest rates for fixed-rate mortgages Increase in IQS indices », rates that together with prevalence make up the fixed rate. But among the factors that have determined the acceleration of rates, the tendency is most "increase in liquidity provision costs ». In fact, banks are increasing lending to businesses and households to offset the higher costs of collecting wholesale money due to recent market tensions.

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