Sunday , February 5 2023

mom and daughter are identical


Alessia Marcuzzi She is one of the most beloved leaders in our country, and even though we always see the most dazzlingly coveted stage, she is an absolutely "normal" woman who brings life to her day. He lives with my, 7-year-old daughter, born of relationship with Francesco Facchinetti, and do not miss the opportunity to conquer and play in your own business. For example, in the last few hours the child has improvised as a hairdresser and her mother has recreated her hairstyle. The result? Both appeared really identical.

Alessia Marcuzzi's daughter improvises the hairdresser

There is nothing better than spending a Sunday at home with his children and Alessia Marcuzzi, usually always busy with her thousand work commitments, he understood it well. In fact, using social media, he has documented his evenings throughout the day, proving that she is a loving mother who never lets her spend her free time with her youngest daughter, the little Mia, from her relationship with Francesco Facchinetti. A couple of weeks ago, when she washed a little while playing hide and seek her, this time she was a "guinea pig" to test her hairdressing skills. Mia has repeated her mother's hair with her own modern hairstyle with i double balls, two small confectionery made on the head side. The result was not only impeccable, but even more remarkable is the incredible similarity between mother and daughter, since both are almost two drops of water. When will she grow, will she want to follow her mother's foot in the show? The only thing that is currently safe is that beauty is not lacking.

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