Tuesday , September 27 2022

Maneuver, the League demands an amnesty for Im, Tasi and car tax


tax amnesty also applies to municipal property taxes. As Imy, Come on and car tax. The League is asking for their government. And he does it in one of them amendments to the fiscal decree related to maneuvers.

Proposed changes when signing up for the first time Enrico Montani, introduces a provision on the provision of relief for local authorities. The amnesty actually refers to the "Revenues, including municipal tax revenue not collected as a result of tax collection"which will be communicated by the collections structures and dealers between 2000 and 2017, then there will be local authorities that will set up"Revenues, including municipal tax revenue not collected as a result of tax collection"

According to what was reported the republic, another amendment to Legis would imply a doubling of the fine (from 848 to 3,393 euros) on drivers Surprisingly, more than once, traveling without insurance. In cases of repetition,Administrative administrative penalty for vehicle administrative detention within 45 days"e"administrative penalty for the suspension of the license for 60 days"But the Interior Minister's party would have also asked for a new tax to supplement the Mef Infrastructure Fund to be applied to all transfers of money to non-EU countries, a 1.5% payment for all operations above EUR 10.

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