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L & # 39; ISOLA DI PIETRO 2 / Anticipazioni punante 25 and 18 November: Great Waiting for the Season Finals


Public de Peter Island 2 It is very interesting for him to understand how the season will end. The appointment of the last episode takes place on a weekly basis, when the calendar will tell us on November 25, 2018. Alessandro and Elena are still on the Lord's Way to Death and are trying to talk with a former woman, Rudi Sulci, who could remember something very important. On the other hand, Isabella escapes from Peter, and this is not possible to bring peace to what has happened. Caterina will be trained because she is ready to meet the sea with her windsurf, and Elena, who is very afraid that something can happen to her. It is this last detail that will stop a small war in the family to try to change the first idea. Previews end here, meeting with L & # 39; Isola di Pietro 2 is always on the first TV channel on Channel 5 on seven exact days when it's time to close the season. (Matteo Fantozzi)

TOBY Ready for surgical intervention

Tobia will be forced to perform a fine operation a Peter Island 2. Peter is ready to try to save him, leading him to a peaceful life. He is close to Isabella, with whom he has a very interesting relationship. And Alexander? He will recover again after Pietro, Fabrizio and Elena found their carelessness. Diego is being killed in jail, with all the roads that seem to lead him to aggression. The only one who defends him remains Caterina. The last one will try to force Eleni to investigate. How Diego's parents died then? The situation is quite complicated, and we are currently facing an upright reflection. The island of Peter 2 will show us in front of a new episode that is interesting and full of clips that will give us answers and reveal further issues in the light of the next episodes that will be broadcast on the first Channel 5 channel a week. (Matteo Fantozzi)


During the episode tonight, November 18, de Peter Island 2 Alessandro at Villa Lai will be unconscious. A very special situation leading to the crisis of Fabrizio, Elena and Pietro. What happened to the boy? At the same time, it is increasingly clear that there is a strange link between the death of Giulia Canale and the death of Vanessa Silas, who are behind the same arm? Question marks will continue in the television series, which always leaves everyone in suspense. The company is also ready tonight for new interesting developments, which are characterized by Gianni Morandi always to act as the center of glue activity. In fact, he will find Alexander and he will also try to really understand if there is anyone who enjoys the spread of terror. Tonight, the series is about to turn to an interesting turning point, also paying attention to Tobias's personality who could live a lot of difficult times. (Matteo Fantozzi)


What will happen to L'Isle di Pietro's favorite hero tonight? Although everyone will study the mysterious death of Vanessa Silas, he will seek the little Tobias, approaching and closer to Isabella (Lorela Cuccarini character). Alexander, a blow to the head in the middle of intuition, which could lead to the discovery of the culprit, wakes up in his hospital bed, where he reconstructs a version of the facts in which the only culprit is Diego. In fact, all the knowledge seems to come back to him, for this reason, at the time of appointing this evening, the boy will be taken to prison. But is he really the culprit? Caterina seems to be convinced of the opposite and, thanks to her feelings about her, is trying to persuade Elena to resume the investigation. Will Pyetr the new nephew succeed in delivering a man he loves from murder? Meeting up to this evening. (Fabiola Iuliano's text)


Catherine, the protagonist of island 2, has yet to find a way for Diego to reveal the truth about Fabrizio: their relationship is closed now, but something still limits it. In fact, the boy is currently associated with the beautiful Sonial, who for some time had thought and did not plan to leave it. However, the story of love between Diego and Caterina is still in the center of imaginary pieces, and in the coming episodes Canale Society was able to introduce 5 new and unacceptable trends. In the meantime, Pietro has to deal with the increasingly worrying health of Tobia, who will have to undergo a very fine surgery; At the same time, the famous Carloforte pediatrician will focus on the investigation into the death of Vanessa Silas, who are increasingly linked to the assassination of Julia Canal. Who connects two murders? (Fabiola Iuliano's text)


The sixth episode de Peter Island 2, fiction interoretata no Gianni Morandi, Chiara Baschetti, Michele Rosiello and Federico Russo and with guest stars Lorella Cuccarini and Elisabetta Canalis, on television today, on Sunday, November 18th, the main time on Channel 5. The investigation into the death of Vanesa Silas and Julia's channel will continue, and this evening's event will give a new thread to these two killings. The series is more and more fascinated by the 5 channel viewers who won Mediaset last week. In fact, the fifth episode of L'Isola di Pietro 2 was followed by 3,441,000 spectators, corresponding to 15.6%.


The investigation into the death of Vanesa Siel and Julie Canal continues, and the police will increasingly make sure there is a connection between the two deaths as Julia was Silas's new partner and Vanessa was a daughter. Elena will continue to take care of her life, not only in her inquiries. Peter's daughter will still have no choice whether to convict her or recognize her as Alexander, who later will find Elena and Peter, without awareness of Villa Lai. Fortunately, Alexander's position will not be serious and will wake up at the hospital later, but who will be their assault?


Although Catherine will not be able to recognize Diego that she has left Fabrizio, Pietro will ask Tobia for delicate interference. At the same time, the doctor will approach Isabella, but Alexander's aggression investigation will focus on arresting Diego. However, Caterina, convinced of the boy's innocence, will encourage his mother Elena to continue her research. Therefore, the investigation will bring immense truth to Diego's parents.

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