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Italgas, which is in line with the plan: Profit and revenue are rising –


MILANO – Italgas closed for nine months of the year, increasing by 6.1% to EUR 226.4 million, and revenues increased by 5.5% to EUR 880.7 million. It was announced by a company that emphasizes that growth is in line with the "industry target".

Gross operating profit (Ebitda) amounted to 629 million euros (+ 8.9%) and operating profit (EBIT) of 333.9 million (+ 8.9%).

Investments in technical investments amounted to 349.1 million euros, net cash flow from operating activities was 590 million lats. Euro. The net financial debt is EUR 3 734.2 million. In the first nine months of the year, Italgas has 1,709 concessions, with a distribution network of 67,7 thousand kilometers – 7477 million meters.

The results of the first nine months "allow us to confirm the targets for the industrial plan for 2018, thanks to the continuous focus on operational efficiency and commitment to the planned investments, investments that have already significantly expanded networks, and the number of managed customers," said Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo, commenting nine month reports. "Implementing the network digitization project – he adds – and the processes continue as planned, the transition to cloud computing will be completed in the coming days, and our digital factory will be operational in November, with significant organizational, technological and cultural changes that will significantly improve infrastructure management, efficiency and , mainly the quality of services ".

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