Monday , February 6 2023

Inter and Napoli against Barcelona and the PSG dream of a "lion" night


That is the hour of truth inter and Naples. Tonight, Spalletti and Ancelotti's drills form the anticipated challenge: put rods in Barca and Paris Saint Germain, respectively, to feed the champions dream and go round. Both teams have had two very sophisticated teams, with stronger opponents on the map and with great international experience. But this is not a moment of fear and the appearances of the two favorites with the final victory should be an opportunity, not an obstacle. Just unpleasant for the viewers, matchmaking is tonight of 21.

Do not go to the Barcelona exam

after Giuseppe Meazza Milan, a challenge between Inter [VIDEO] and Barcelona is already a record-breaking game. Almost 6 million euros of money, a new record in Italy. A packed stadium and more and more passionate excitement will try to push Nerazzurri, which is galvanizing a big victory over Genoa.

However, the situation in group B is not decisive. Looking at the ranking, you could imagine a worthwhile game, but by carefully analyzing the remaining issues, things can still happen. Boys from The wallet they have to take absolute points, because then on November 28 they will be guests Tottenham A very complicated and possibly crucial challenge is expected. The point with Barca would be gold, but would be perfect for three, and then there would be little or nothing else in the two games.

Pochettino men take London to the PSV tonight, and the victory seems almost formal. Consequently, the Londoners, in the face of Inter, could find Londoners at 4 points, and at this point, Spaniards will leave Intert by 6 before the direct collision. Too risky and Spallet knows it well.

The positive result would leave the chances of moving to the eighth place without change, but a possible victory besides the Barcelona team's victory will give the team more confidence in the seven championship victories and, above all, appeared more mature and conscious in its meaning. Nainngolan from the beginning to 50%, as well as Messi Barca. Icari returns [VIDEO], Vrsaliko, Asamoah and Vecino. A company that still remembers sweet memories.

Naples is ready for another business

Ancelotti has given Napoli an assurance of being able to play with someone, even at European level. In addition, the Reggiolo technician has international experience that immediately benefits the group, which lacks only international blessings.

In Paris, Azzurri was only reached in the final after playing a great game against an opponent who travels in France in the same way as a road roller with 12 victories in so many games, but who struggles for self-imprisonment in Europe, despite the stratospheric rose.

Azzurri's victory tonight at San Paolo will leave PSG up to 4 points and start the Neapolitan after 8, ready to qualify on November 28 at home against the Red Star. Opportunity is a mantra, but the opponent is one of the most difficult, given the Parisian attack, perhaps the strongest of the competition. On the contrary, the defeat will represent storm scenarios that it is better not to think.

It will require a great heart, personality proof, at a glance – "lion's night". But that is Champions League, competitions everyone dreams about playing, and someone on the boat on San Paolo also knows how to win.

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