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Influenza vaccination, also known as Emiliano Testini – Chronicle


Emiliano Testini

They make their faces draw the public's attention to the importance of vaccination against influenza. "Reviews" are some journalists, director of sports instruments Emiliano Testini, press secretary dell & # 39; Arezzo Luigi Alberto Dini and director of "Asl Toscana sud Est Enrico Desideri". This morning, at the Polo Viale Cittadini Vaccine meeting (at the counselor and Bucaneve Kindergarten), they were vaccinated to promote this opportunity and highlight its significance.

"We are pleased to join this initiative because we can make a positive message and an example among the population," the participants said. "We thank ASL staff for the availability and professionalism with which they received us and invited Aretini to vaccinate against influenza, especially those who belongs to risk categories ".

The maximum peak of flu is expected in early January, therefore it is recommended to be immunized from November to December. Vaccination is a sign of protecting your health, but also respect for them, because they may be infected in turn. Influenza can also be a fatal outcome, such as 'fragile' people, the elderly or chronic illnesses.

Vaccination is recommended and is offered free of charge to people 65 years of age and older and to people with conditions that can increase the risk of complications from
flu (pregnant women, diabetes, immune, cardiovascular system, chronic respiratory system disorders, metabolic, oncological diseases). It is also free for public servants, children at an early age
Pediatricians with risk pathologies, staff who, for work reasons, are exposed to animals causing virus infection, family members are exposed to high-risk individuals, and from this year, blood donors. Tuscany 2017-2018 During the season, they were diagnosed with 63 serious cases in patients who were initiated during intensive care and even 15 deaths.

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