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"I'm in Brazil, thanks to the series A. Ancelotti," a wonderful person "

Allan LaPresse

Allan LaPresse

"I live a dream". Allan can not contain his happiness for c.t. Tite to be included in a meeting convened by the Brazilian national team. The choice was also given to the suggestion of the Commissioner-designate of the Commissioner-designate, Silvinho. For the first time, never forget, but the midfielder admits: "I am part of a national team with so many champions, it is a very important piece of opinion on what I have done so far in my career. I hope that I will make the most of this opportunity and show off my success from a footballer … Being tonight makes me make me even better ".

Allan is aware of the road that was spent seven years ago, leaving Vasco da Gama to get to Italy. And only to Series A comes his gratitude: "After seven years in Italy, between Udinese and Naples, I am matured by overcoming even the difficult moments. I am different from when I left Brazil. And now I feel a great passion at this very high In the last time, each time I called for Selecao, I hoped to be on the list, and I felt a great sense of performance. Then I was saddened not to see my name, because I told myself that Brazil has so many high quality players around the world, and therefore, realizing my dream, I should give even more. When I finally saw my name on the team list, I have been solemnly together with my family for a long time. I have reached the highest endeavor of each player. Now, I hope this is also the starting point. "

Speaking of Serie A, Allan talks about Naples' time and the transition from Sarri to Ancelotti: "With Sarri we played 4-3-3 and I did the right midway, but now with Ancelotti, we make 4- 4-2 with two parts, but really important is that it always gives a maximum no matter what role or with which module Ancelotti is a wonderful person, a trainer with which every player would like to work. help us and never talk, the whole group is on its side, you will be closed and a little excited, but both are wonderful people who helped me so much. "

Finally, a comment on the possibility of seeing him in the Italian national team: "I have read it on the Internet, but I assure you that I have not been contacted and that none of the Italian federations has ever talked to me."


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