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Gf Vip, Del Santo and Battista scream on the plot between "inviolable" competitors

Quite incompletely ends at the end of the year Big Brother Vip and we are already talking about the strategy that we were studying at the table. The first ball was thrown Lory Del Santo last episodes in nominations. The show's live television on TV has clearly shown that a five-person pact will be concluded that would make them invulnerable to the final. The doctoral thesis is also approved by Maurizio Battista which makes the name "protected": Francesco Monte, Le Donatella (Giulia and Silvia Provvedi), Giulia Salemi, Benedetta Mazza and Stefano Sala. Lory Del Santo is in particular faced with the almost over-born Cinecittà's House, made up of Benedetta Mazza and Stefano Sala.

Lory believes that Stefano plays a lot with Benedetta, because this kind of relationship between both will lead him to manifestation of personality, but the corpse model is being perfected. Del Santo has become particularly imbalanced as soon as she is nominated, allowing her to freely disclose her views. Perhaps she is afraid that she will be further liquidated, and Ivan Cattaneo is a ridiculous figure that is really like a company. It really will be a tough challenge.

Lory Del Santo and Maurizio Battista theory

How Lory discovered the last episode Gf Vip would be a small group that has established a friendship agreement: this, according to his theory, is the cost of the nomination. The comedian Maurizio Battista shares the "race" hypothesis to bring together the finals.

It almost seems like a clash between generations. According to the Baptist, there would be five / six vulnerable people, such as Monte, Proved's sister, Giulia Salemi, Stefano Sala, Benedetta Mazza. In fact, many social media believe that Gf Vip authors are protected against these people. For example, comments about the lesbian kiss were forgiven by Monte and the Rules were repeatedly defended by the sword. Former competitor Enrico SilvestrinInstead, he pointed it Elia Fongaro was attacked by televoting to open and shut down in a few moments and that he lost to Martina, who had a "Bulgarian" interest. Battista added that it was a mistake to send out Cecchi Paone, because it was used to discover the truth behind every writer, even if he was using it fast.

Lory Del Santo Attacks Stefano Island: "With Benedetta Mazzu's gambling game that makes him appear"

Lory Del Santo because it ended in the nomination, it does not protect any person and does not specifically protect it Stefan Island for his story with Benedetta mazza.

According to Lory Stefano, the goal does not relate to the external situation and wishes to live freely at home. Del Santo has defined it as a "gambling game" that serves as a grass that appears as a character. According to the actor and director Stefano, he says he did not do Dasha Derenkina [VIDEO] but one does not know what people really are thinking outside the home. I do not know if the company will accept Lory or not.

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