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Ecological Sun in Rome: November 18 STOP for almost all cars

From next Sunday and the next five Sundays In Rome, all traffic will end in the so-called "green belt". Ecological Sunday it is an initiative that the municipality proposes to take the city out of the cars and give it to the people.

STOP is scheduled for next 5 Sundays starting on November 18th. The block will be placed in slots "7: 30-00: 30 and 16: 30-20: 30"

What green belt cars are allowed on an ecological holiday?

Electric cars

The drive unit will cover all diesel vehicles and gasoline vehicles (except Euro 6). Instead, they will be exempted and will then be authorized to transit electric and hybrid cars, LPG, LNG and two-fuel vehicles. The exemption also applies to Euro 6 fuels (instead of Euro 6), Euro 3 and four-stroke 4-stroke bicycles, Euro 2 bikes and four-stroke mopeds, disabled vehicles, car sharing and car sharing vehicles.

In order not to cause foreign things, Rome will be on every ecological holiday Enhanced public transport guaranteed:

"City council in motion and related divisions – Announces Campidoglio – will ensure the modernization of local public transport on days of common blocking, and in particular during periods of prohibition. The local police in the capital's capital will need to be monitored in order to ensure that people's circulations are restricted."

"Ecological Sundays are important times – emphasizes City Council member Linda Meleoin order to promote sustainable mobility and increase citizens' awareness of the link between pollution and transport. With the Electricity Mobility Plan, we are taking enormous action to reduce pollutant emissions. As the traffic flow during the year is expected, the expansion of local public transport is expected, with increasing bus, tram and taxi rides"

Green Belt Zone on an Ecological Sunday

Rome Ecological Sun, Green Belt Map

Roman Green belt is depicted in this image and consists of 4 separate zones:

  • Zone A: big bypass; through aurelija (through through di accafredda); through diffractal water; Nazareth road; through di; using matt battistini; via del forte braschi; via della pineta bags; using montiglio; Arbib pascucci; via della pineta bags; triumph right through; via della camilluccia; through cassia (from piazza dei giuochi delfici to paeto); using pareto; through g. fabrons; via flaminia nuova (from via fabro to via via ponti); two bridges; River Tiberes; big bypass;
  • Zone B: Big bypass; River Tiberes; river aniene; tax hay route; viale ionio; through ugo ojetti; ar arrable graph; viakant; e-mail to Galbani; through palmboins; via di casal dei pazzi; via Tiburtina (from via casal dei pazzi to S. Maria del Rescue subway, including mammoth bridge parking lot); through a shredder; using i Jordanians; through grotta di gregna (from via i giordani to 24); at 24 (up to viale palmiro toluate); avenue palmiro toluate; Roman railway – Sollmon; big bypass;
  • Zone C: big bypass; Roman railway – Sollmon; avenue palmiro toluate; via tuscolana (from viale palm rolled to through capannelle); via delle capannelle; via appia nuova (from via delle capannelle to g.r.a.); big bypass;
  • Zone D: big bypass; through ardeatin; perfect cave route; by e-mail shoulder; via del tintoretto; via laurentina; through c. colombo (no via laurentina); agricultural alley; Maglian viaduct; via della magliana; via del trullo; through affogalasino; via del casaletto (from via affogalasino to via di monteverde); via di monteverde (from via del casaletto to via v. tizzani); using v Tizzani; through lārati (from the great sacred heart to the tizzani); through del casaletto (from great sacred heart to short breath); through Leon xiii; via gregorio vii; aurelia bypass; through the aurelija (through the Aurelia station); Rome railway – pizza; great bypass

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