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Diabetes is good for those who do not


Since a diabetic diet is good for anyone, even those who do not have diabetes

If you have any type of diagnosis diabetesyou are usually advised to keep up with you special diet. diabetes urges you to lower blood sugar that occurs during the day.

But why wait for diabetes to comply with these rules? Prophylactic measures can significantly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and follow one diabetes this is a great way to start. Let's analyze strategy one diabetes and we are trying to understand why we all should eat this road now, not wait until we have to do it.

Increase fiber intake

Diabetic patients are best advised to absorb more fiber to help stabilize blood sugar. The fiber is also well suited for optimal digestion and elimination. Fiber is all that we all need, and some of us already have enough.

Many people think that in the morning breakfast with a cup of cereal is consumed with fiber. The truth is that getting the fiber from recycled grains is not the best source. The best fiber source comes from all foods : beans, lentils, fruits, vegetables, even leather and 100% whole grains. Main sources dietary fiber They include turnips, mustard, cabbage, blue beans, aubergines, raspberries and cinnamon.

Limit carbohydrate intake

Sugar in any form should be carefully monitored within one year diabetesespecially if you are dependent on insulin use. This is the main cause of a rise in blood sugar in the blood. The main strategy is not to completely eliminate carbohydrates (as in the case of Atkins diet), but it is better to choose.

Choose carbohydrates that gradually increase your blood sugar, rather than increase rapidly. Recognizing poor carbohydrate sources and replacing them with a healthier option is key. Here are some suggestions:

Change the white flour with brown rice flour, 100% whole grains, spelled flour or nettle flour.

Replace white sugar with raw sugar, succinate, coconut crystals, stevia or micrust.

Fruit should be eaten whole with one diabetes, unless they are squeezed out. When the whole fruit is consumed, fiber gain is obtained.

Smaller dishes

A smaller amount of meals a day will also help to stabilize blood sugar. How much food you eat and your meal time is almost as important as what you eat.

The benefits of stabilizing sugar in the blood are not only beneficial to diabetics, but are excellent preventive measures to prevent diabetes. Slowly changing your diet, it's the best way to improve nutrition and stick to it.

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