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Cruel word and fact: the bare MV Agusta exceeds 200 HP! – Moto World


It's no secret: the new one MV Agusta Brutale 1000 Series Gold it's a direct detachment from the Varese House Experience Race in the World, a model that is closely related to the Superbike F4 RC, which showed that it can fight for the highest position in the world standard of derivatives series.

MV Agusta introduces EICMA The new Brutale 1000 Serie Oro (limited edition for just 300 units), which creates new powertrains with four-cylinder engines from 208 horses 13,450 laps and a "monstre" torque of 115.5 Nm, which gained all the experience accumulated in races in the world of chains. Pre-class numbers that allow you to overcome 300 km / h on a model (weighing 184 kg dry), which in the world wins the fastest bare skept. And the most demanding here is even a special kit with a control unit and a SC-Project exhaust system that provides power up to 212 horsepower at 13,600 rpm.

engine from Brutale 1000 Serie Oro continues to accept radial valve distribution and central distribution chain, although it is characterized by lots of news compared to the original project. Radial valves now flow through new valves and open to a completely redesigned combustion chamber; transformed camshaft (with different risers and time both on the inlet side and on the exhaust side); pistons use low friction Asso segments to improve performance and efficiency; Crankshaft was converted from scratch and rebalanced to limit the vibration and energy absorption at high speeds.

Therefore, the engineers at MV Agusta for a bare "queen" have transformed the lubrication system using a "splitter" system that separates oil from moving parts, gains lubrication to "partially dry carter"Driving conditions are unaffected. In order to reduce friction, the upper limit of each high-performance engine is transformed, in addition to the new pistons and new lubrication chains, using the gears modified for this purpose while reducing noise.

And again in the Brutale 1000 series, the golden redesigned airbox in the heart, and a dual injector that allows you to get precise fuel management to optimize performance and clears delivery at any turn. Also developed ad hoc exhaust (fractionation 4-1-4), while MV Agusta has developed in partnership with Eldor new control unit which manages a 4-cylinder, controlled by a MultiRide Full Ride by Wire system, and controlled by the inertial platform IMU (which manages both a traction control, adjustable on 8 levels and detachable, with wheels, with two options, active or not active) , which allows you to drive dynamics that is comparable to a real Superbike.

Level level cyclingMV Agusta in the new Brutale 1000 makes a "trademark" ("mixed structure" with steel ceramics, which is connected with aluminum side plates), which is developing significantly. The aim? Maintain bare maneuverability to supermarket stability. More details? The rider picks up the handlebars, another choice that emphasizes the true state of sport; on the side of the radiator, here is wing profiles to improve the aerodynamic load on the front wheel at high speed (sensible pressing of the effect above 200 km / h, allowing more tight control); Brake system with Brembo Stylema fluids combined with 320 mm floating discs; electronics management entrusted to ABB Bosch 9.1; The standard Brutale 1000 Serie Air also includes tire pressure sensors and the Gold Racing chain.

More details. With the Brutale 1000 series of gold, equipped with full icy lighthouse with strong lights that can illuminate the curve depending on the angle of the angle. In addition, all engine and electronic features are owned instrument panel TFT color from 5 & ​​# 39; & # 39; which connects to a Bluetooth smartphone for managing incoming calls, messages and music. Two-wheeled and removable passenger seat, which can be replaced with a lid – standard – carbon fiber for a single seat bike.

More MV Agusta news. Dragster 800 RR in America The MY18 produced only 200 examples – the name resembles the 1975 S America 750 75 horsepower – the unconventional model (which is the starting point for the Dragster 800 RR three cylinders) with a "grained" design, a substantial beep and retractable passenger footrests, an LED backlight unit with 3D look, thanks to DRL shape and daytime running lights. The engine comes from the Brutale 800 RR (approved by Euro 4) and the gearbox uses the EAS 2.0 "Up and Down" electronic help, part of the electronic kit that includes adjustable traction control and customizable engine counts. In America, the word and fact is enough to mark many references to the US flag, and not the last one – blue centered spokes, red beads and white canals.

Milan show, also show news about RC range (like Reparto Corse) 2019, MV Agusta is scheduled to compete. The range includes the unarmed Brutale 800 RC (carbon fiber components and red sticks stand out) and Dragster 800 RC (150 horsepower and only 160 kg with 9-spoke alloy wheels and technical sponsor logos with number 37, reminiscent of Casa Cresina's winning names in the world); Eclectic Turismo Veloce RC (with Smart Clutch Technology for fully automatic clutch driving, which can be operated through the cannon on the steering wheel or allowing the system to operate automatically); supersport F3 675 RC and F3 800 RC (with a special kit containing a titanium exhaust system with SC-Project silencer); and the rich F4 RC, the "beast" 4-cylinder kit with a special control unit and a complete exhaust system – which in 2019 opens a bike from 205 to 212 horsepower with a completely new red-white-green color.

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