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Conte anticipates ISTAT: "Italy in Recession But from June we will start again with enthusiasm"

It will also be the fault of the trade war between China and Germany, "which will punish us in exports". And it will be true that we must always move towards the future with optimism. But ultimately, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is facing an over-enthusiastic industrial audience in Milan, forced to take on and predict what Istat will say today: Italy is technically in recession. "Perhaps tomorrow morning (today, ed) – says the prime minister – a new ISTAT survey with GDP shrinking in the fourth quarter could come." And the face stands are made of marble, even if immediately after the prime minister tries to resume: "I invite you to believe that the forecasts are for 2018. We have to look for 2019 and we must look enthusiastic about economic growth and we are sure In 2019, we will achieve our goals ».


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The Washington Minister of Economy, Giovanni Tria, calls for "not to dramatize" waiting, but in the case of a negative sign, Italy, which had already seen 0.1% of GDP in the third quarter of 2018, will enter a phase of technical decline. With all the related problems at international level. Conte, however, "even if there are still positive data at the beginning of this year, all the elements that need to start with all of our enthusiasm, especially in the second half." According to the Prime Minister, it will be a short recession. It admits: "Yes, with the maneuver we picked up, we brought a dangerous area closer to us, but we managed to avoid the infringement procedure." Fortunately, according to Prime Minister 5 stars, "this period is now behind us, and now we need a period of experiments that we need to address". In short, "we have an economy that will grow – he says – and we have to work together to develop the tools for a stable and lasting economy".

On his Milan day, Conte, together with Regional Secretary Stefano Buffagni, fails to visit the Italian Stock Exchange, Piazza Affari, where the call begins to trade. President Andrea Sironi and Raffaele Jerusalm also congratulated the Prime Minister on the deadlock in Consob, promising that "we will soon find a solution". Spreading? Water is gone, reducing the prime minister to his interlocutors, "now it's no longer a problem". «True – they are responsible – but not underestimated». And again in the city between Carlo Messina, Intesa Sanpaolo and others with Carlo Sangalli, one of Confcommercio's numbers. The economy is still a government thorn. "Parliament's Budget Office" for "Greater Negative Risks" in 2019 indicates that the economic data published following the assessment of the government's assessment included in the maneuver have increased risk factors even in the short term.

Upb points out that "the achievement of the objectives of public finance programs" is in fact subject to "a number of critical elements". In particular, it shows that "financial hedging of the maneuver", "slightly more than 50% derives from higher revenues" and that the two-year period from 2020 to the 21st year "the achievement of the program deficit / GDP ratio is entirely entrusted to safeguard clauses on VAT. and the excise tax, and the report warns that it will not be so easy to replace them.

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