Saturday , October 16 2021

Chrono Odyssey, the new MMORPG for PCs, consoles and mobile phones, announced with an impressive trailer –

Hrono Odyssey was announced with an impressive trailer, which shows a truly epic setting for this Npixel production, a MMORPG comes to PC, console and mobile platforms.

The Korean team is the same as in Gran Saga, and in this case it is staging an “MMORPG of epic fantasy and science fiction,” as it apparently also involves time and time manipulation and cataclysms on a planetary scale. The Chrono Odyssey release period is scheduled The year 2022, but with “tests” starting as early as 2021, possibly with a phasing-in beta phase.

The trailer appears to consist mainly of computer graphics and it is not clear how much of the game is between the engine’s internal graphics or game elements, but it immediately conducts large-scale battles, very different environmental studies and, in general, a very high level of implementation of the technique based on Unreal engine 4.

The person in charge of the soundtrack is Chris Velasko, a well-known author of StarCraft, Overwatch and God of War music. Formerly known as Project S, Chrono Odyssey stages an epic story of various members of the so-called special organization. Idraiginn, fighting with 12 gods.

The game promises to explore a very large map system work with 18 specializations, a great and epic story that spans space and time, and a high – level production that should be extended to other multimedia initiatives.

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