Monday , September 20 2021

Cecchi Paone could come out after disputes with Provedi

The new episode is not enough Big Brother Vip and it will be broadcast Monday, November 12th Early in the evening, Canale 5. To tele vote and then risk prevention Stefano Sala, Andrea Mainardi e Alessandro Cecchi Paone, the last hero in recent days violent clashes with both Sister Provedi. Two girls do not include the hard words and verbal aggression of the journalist ni and may therefore be the one who had to leave the house on Monday episode [VIDEO]. In accordance with parents On Monday, we should see another shutdown, even if it's not yet known how it will happen.

The episode of anticipation from November 12th: Cecchi Paone was able to leave the house and the second elimination

advances Big Brother Vip [VIDEO] about the tenth episode from November 12, 2018, reveals that there will be one in the evening second elimination. It is not yet known how this will happen if there is a rescue chain, as in previous editions, or the authors of the reality have figured out another way. The fact is that during the last episodes, viewers have not experienced highly-loved nominations that have always characterized the program. However, firstly, we will see one of three competitors eliminating televoting: who will leave Gf Vip's house between Stefano, Andrea and Cecchi Paone? Rumors arise about a lover and so believed to be liquidated own Alessandro, which in recent days has become the main hero in violent clashes with twins Silvia and Giulia Provvedi.

But not all is what Big Brother Vip seems to be, and only on the night after the televoting ended we got to know the name of the excluded first night.

Cecchi Paone, might be the next to be liquidated after violent disputes with Le Donatella

Alessandro Cecchi Paone as its entry into the Cinecitt's House has become a rival opponent with other members of the room. The last time in the order is the one who saw him with severe words against Giulia and Silvia Provvedi. Blond de Le Donatella gave a nun as Silvia was Strong attack for your time with Fabrizio Coron. The cynical names and types of Cikchi Paones have caused so much tension in Parliament that during the last debate Silvia broke down desperately crying and accused journalists and science writers of being arrogant and confident and willing to give life to all. What does the company think about it from home? Cecchi Paone will be leave Gf Vip House the tenth episode? However, as seen from advances on the episode of 12 November 2018, would not be the only player to leave the game.

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