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Brilliant friend, the serial is the release date for Rai 1 and Timvision: November 27th


special case that de Brilliant friend, HBO-RAI Fiction and Timvision serial series. Despite the official date of the exhibition, it was determined United States on November 18th (of course Hbo) in Italy, we had to wait a lot more by making a slalom between the unofficial news to find out the day when we finally found Elena Ferrante Raffaella Cerullo and Elena Greco in our home screens. However, we are here: let's try November 27th on the calendar when the exhibition starts at Rai 1's main time and at the same time it will be available in the Timvision streaming mode.

Because a distinguished friend is a singular case

Directed by: Saverio Costanzo who wrote it together with Laura Paolucci, Francesco Piccolo and Eleni Ferrante – the authors of the famous quadrilateral logistics with Edizioni E / O – Brilliant friend Arriver's greatest time is Rai 1, starting on November 27th. One evening a week four weeks, two fifty minute episodes will be broadcast. The first two, in fact, after the preview of the last Venice Film Festival, have also entered cinemas; those who have already seen them will have to wait on December 4th for the first true unpublished taste of great produce. It is very important to note that episodes of November 27 will also be available for Timvision at the same time. Not the first time that Italian television shows the streaming rate (just think of Vertical line with Mattia Torre, available at RaiPlay and broadcast only later) and associations with international organizations (see Medici and New Pope) but Brilliant friend it seems to have a dimension and it looks like a delicate experiment also considered anxious statement about its actual output, before that many doughs.

Bright friends that we will see on television

Fans who have already enjoyed the first two episodes in Venice or in the cinema know what they are going to do: inevitably (but not too much) of Elena Ferrante's most sold novels, Brilliant friend are defined neorealist, cultivated and popularized by Saverio Costanzo and promising to grow from episode episode. We'll wait eight hours, either, on a small screen, we'll close the first book before christmas Raffaella Cerullo called Lilu or Lin (which Ludovica Nasti was not incredible as a child, and Gaia Girace when she was great), and Elena Greko said Lena (Elisa Del Genio and Margherita Mazzucco), however, running on their personal television odyssey. As I finally know those who have read the books. Of course, what's going on is a great trip.

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