Monday , September 20 2021

Black Friday: what is it and how it was born History

Black friday – Black Friday is the day most awaiting the shopping enthusiast, during which you can use discounts and offers for all types of products: from clothing to high tech to airplane flights. Here's all you need to know about Black Friday 2018.

But what is the Black Friday?

It is custom imported from the United States between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is happening every year on Friday after Thursday, which marks the "Thanksgiving Day" (fourth Thursday in November), and since 1932 it officially opens the Christmas Gift Contest.

Traditionally, Black Friday not only refers to non-disturbing commercial cases, but also endless rows, in ideal working conditions.

And if the idea of ​​spending hours in front of shops or cassettes or with other buyers is competing with the fact that you have dreamed for several months and that the price is finally available, it does not worry you, or even you are afraid, Black Friday in Italy is mainly for online purchases : from Amazon to eBay using Zalando.

For technology lovers, the day to watch is especially the next Monday, which is very rightly called Cyber ​​Monday.

Because of gradual stress, it does not matter that they do not require purchases, and at a normal price we would never have thought of a purchase, because it is good for the majority of retailer's homes.

Last year, online purchases increased by 33.46 percent compared to the previous year. Last year's Black Friday, e-commerce traffic increased 78 percent over the previous three weeks and the next three, while Cyber ​​Monday – 40 percent.

The top two-day brands include Apple and Samsung's tech giant, but also Nintendo and Sony with their consoles.

But this is probably Amazon, which is a phenomenon in our country: "On the last Friday of the year, we registered an average of about seven orders per second, highlighting the largest selling date in 2015," said Amazon Italy director. and in Spain.

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