Sunday , February 28 2021

Black Friday, the origin of the shopping party and the boom in Italy as well

Shop window promotes Black Friday (Lapresse)

Rome, 14 November 2018 – Il Black friday is the most awaited day shopping. Day where you can use discounts and offers for all types of products: from clothing to air transportation.

WHAT IS BLACK FRIDAY – It's customary Imported from the United States what is the day when Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's happening every year on Friday after the Thursday, which is celebrated Thanksgiving Day (on Thursday, November) and since 1932 officially opened the Christmas Gift Contest.

IN ITALY – If the idea of ​​enduring hours in a row in front of shops and benefits is not excited, black Friday In Italy, this is mainly for online purchases: from Amazon to eBay, going through Zalando.

In 2017, online purchases have increased over the past year from 33.46% compared to the previous year. Last year's Black Friday e-commerce site traffic has grown by seventy eight% compared to the previous three weeks and the next three, but Cyber ​​Monday the increase was 40%.

Best Selling – In addition to the brands that benefit best from two days, there are technology giants Apple and Samsung, but also Nintendo and Sony with your consoles.

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