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Bastardi di Pizzofalcone, working on the third series – Tv

Final with a buckle, not just listen, but with an attack, or at least that which seems to be on I Bastardi di Pizzafalkonu 2. The last episode from the series of books Maurizio De Giovanni and the director Alessandro D & # 39; Alatri with Major Alessandro Gassmann (Inspector Lojacono) and Carolina Crescentini (pm Piras) leave the viewer free of breath: the ball impresses the heroes of the series while they are at the Letizian crown table, even if the picture can not be seen in detail, if not an outburst, jokes between friends, bottles, from boneless, beautifully smiling faces, part of a second, a bomb … then a flow of credits. No explanation. Pause pictures Classical Final Open. The newest part of the Rai Fiction series with Clemart Rai 1 is the average audience with 5.4 million viewers with 23.4 percent of the shares, which confirms itself as the most viewed program on the start of the evening. But first of all, among the social media, the most commented episodes in the end, the outbreaks and fans of the protests that shake and as soon as possible the third season. Rai Fiction Director will release the reserve for the third season Eleonora Andreatta: "It's already preparing for the development of the third serieswho will come back to showcase our heroism, including the unpublished and complete humanity of Naples ".
Andreatta also reiterates that in the second season there were new successes in listening and even more important editorial activity, "thanks to Maurizio De Giovanni's extraordinary invention of story telling, the skill and generosity of the master craftsman, starting with Alessandro Gassman and the elegant Alessandro D & # 39; Alatri direction, this series is has gained public recognition that is transversal, and especially in a society with a high level of education with more than 28% ".
The last I Bastardi di Pizzafalcon 2nd finals took place in an explosion. Will somebody be dead What will happen to this explosion? And who decided to take it out with Bastard? It was a mafia who acted to take revenge on what Inspector Lojacono (Alessandro Gassmann) worked with DDa.
Hard to say. The trick found by writers and director of The Bastard's second season will allow the authors to take time to understand how to move forward, but also to participants to choose whether to stay or not. Of course, there would be no reason to step down, if not for other job responsibilities.
The second series season is always from Maurizio De Giovanni's novels, and it has reached the goal that was sticking in front of the small screen fan, followed by the enthusiasm of the first season that watched in 2017.
Mary Grace writes in her profile: "Sorry, but is this the way to stop #BastardiDiPizzofalcone? So, suddenly, and the fool? I protest." Friars actually do not know what happened to the suspect as an assassin of the old man. "The Maurizio di Giovanni's great nurse writes to the user." – "You will not leave us alike !!!" – there is another comment. "But come back, right?" The most urgent issue. Today the reserve is finished and fans can sleep well, the brothers are ready to return …. when and how much, then all this must be revealed.
We remember the second season division: Aragón is Antonio Folletto, but Ottavia is an intensive Tosca d'Aquino and Palma Commissioner Massimiliano Gallo. Pisanelli is Gianfelice Imparato and Alex Di Nardo's new Simona Tabasco while Francesco Romano and Gennaro Silvestro. Letizia is interpreted by Joy Spayan. Finally, the New Buffer is interpreted by Matteo Martari (also participating in I Medici).


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