Wednesday , September 22 2021

Bano and the disease are yellow, here's what happened

Bano and the disease are yellow, here's what happened

Last Sunday event Al bano He held a promise in social media and television. Barbara d & # 39; Urso welcomed the singer to Sunday Live, but the health problem at the last minute ruined the businessman. Many people doubt this version of the facts on the web, but the magazine "Afternoon Five" resolved the mystery: the artist confirmed that he had stopped a minor illness.

The singer should have been a guest in the Domenica Live room, but in the morning he did not appear at the airport. Program editors tried to contact him via a mobile phone while one person responded and said that during the night Al Bano was ill. After a few hours, the artist's staff had convinced everyone, clearly stating that Carris is healthy and is about to go to China.

Has the disease been or has not been? This is a question that has started to become networks. The "Afternoon Five" magazine has solved the yellow one: "The singer himself contacted the program the following day, confirming that the inability to participate was due to illness". Resolved case!

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