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Anna Tatanelo moves Francesco Reng to everything now: what happened


Written by Liliana Morreale, December 6, 2020, Music

foto Francesco Tire advertisement All Together Now

Together, Anna Tatanelo moves Francesco Renga, singing your feet

Semi-final of the year Now all together is tonight, Saturday, December 5, and 8 competitors are still chasing the dream of entering the finals. Between each performance, however, four program program judges Mišela Hunzikere they decided to honor each other by singing each other’s most famous songs. Anna Tatangelo moved Francesco Reng. The singer actually performed a delicate version of the song Your feet (a song dedicated to singer Jolanda’s mother shortly after her death) this version and tribute was greatly appreciated Francesco Renga, who listened with emotion. Francesco Renga instead, he worshiped Rita Pavone With Very strong. Last with J-Ax Ostia Lido sang until finally Mišela Hunzikere paid tribute Anna Tatanželo singing Suburban girl.

Anna Tatanelo races with Francesco Reng in All Together Now, J-Ax: “They’re an endless episode of Casa Vianello”

Immediately after the various performances Rita Pavone, J-Ax, Michelle Hunziker and Anna Tatangelo, who moved Francesco Reng. The last two had a short quarrel. The two actually have the opposite view of everything, especially about competitors in competitions and beyond All Together Now fails to throw jokes and arrows so much that in the end also J-Ax (which he recently did shocking confession) He acknowledged:

“With these two, it’s like staying in an endless episode of Casa Vianello!”

All together now, Francesco Renga and Anna Tatanelo: the fight for Beatrice and Alessio

Detail short collisions between Anna Tatangelo and Francesco Renga they were born because of competitors. Francesco Renga evaluated from the first episodes Beatrise Baldahini while Anna Tatanželo he acknowledged: “Nothing came to me”. Turned on instead Alessio Selvaggio while Francesco Renga took five points, Anna Tatanelo immediately returned them to him.

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