Monday , September 27 2021

Yair Netanyahu sues the leader who recorded her

Yair Netanyahu, son of the prime minister, demands a million shekels ($ 272,000) from Roi Rosen, the driver who secretly recorded him while driving with his friends in the club.

According to a lawsuit filed by Amit Hadad, a lawyer representing Netanyahu at the Tel Aviv Magistrates' Court, the record is a violation of privacy and even prohibits "hearing a hearing" on the grounds that the leader was not a negotiating party.

It was said on behalf of Netanyahu that the record damaged not only his privacy, but also "all the interests of the Israeli public". This is because it is defined as "the loss of confidence in the services provided by the State of Israel to those requiring these services on the basis of their functions".

It should be noted that, under Israeli law, a person can record a conversation in which he or she participates, even without the consent of the other negotiators.

Nonetheless, the registration of a non-participating party is a criminal offense for "hearing a hearing" and provides grounds for considering civil cases.

The respective record was broadcast in January Channel 2

In March, Modi & # 39; in Ezrahi, who employed the manager, filed a lawsuit against her for a quarter of a million shekels, and now the driver will have to face another claim.

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