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Thirty-five years Le Carre's biggest spy story is rifle small series


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Alexander Skarsgard as Becker and Florence Pugh as Charlie in Small drummer girl.Credit:Â © 2018 Little Drummer Girl Distribution Limited. All rights reserved.

The character of Scarsard is a former warrior, a six-day war veteran who seeks to preserve the belief that the cause is true and that the methods are justified. It disappears gradually: in the first two series episodes, he just says the word. "He only appears, and you do not know anything about him, his involvement and his intentions," says Scarshaard. "Then he just works on his way in his life." Michael Shannon plays Marty Kurtz, a grizzled Mossad operator with a number of tattooed hands and an uncertain belief that he was cleaning the country in preparation for a peace deal.

Le Carre is generally admired for the ghost-espionage game, but Shannon regards his personality as a romantic figure. "He is the man who won an incredibly brutal childhood to monitor some hope that he could have a positive influence in the world. He went to Israel and became a freighter, and then joined Mossad, now he tells his boss" let & # 39; s will not only bombard them on smithereens, we will try to understand them. "I think it's very romantic," he says.

He also has been moved by Kurtza's view of his espionage, its designations and cover identity and fake stories as an art form: "real theater," as he calls it. "You could call it a manipulation or something with a negative connotation, but I love how he celebrates how he creates these realities. Because that's what I do." Press it can do better, he mumble. "They have it, because if I give a bad performance, I do not mean to die."

The park's director, since Park Chan-wook is known to everyone working with him, created an indelible impression on Western film makers with Old boy, who won the Grand Prix in Cannes in 2004. At first he seems unlikely to play with Le Carre, but it soon becomes apparent how many of his repeatable psychological worries – revenge, imprisonment, dominant position and submission dynamics on Small drummer girlwaiting for teased for free. The park works in Korean, but when it discovers participants, he understands English and has an interpreter available to provide detailed notes. He also handles a glove with his permanent photographer, Kim Woo-hyung. Each shot is carefully crafted, choreographed and illuminated; there is no manual spontaneity here.

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Watching Small drummer girl In your beautiful new adaptation on the TV, you will find out if the world really works this way. Credit:Jonathan Olley / AMC / Ink Factory

Scarsgard acknowledged that he was worried about how it would work. "It was very different from what I've done before, I'm from a very different school activity, which is usually more organic, the camera follows you around, and you do not have to follow the camera," he says. "But I perceive it because it was an interesting challenge. Obviously it needs to be real, you have to connect, you should never seem to go from point A to point B just because the camera wants it." And if an actor felt too uncomfortable, Park was always ready to consider alternative movements. "He is not valuable or firm."

Of course, the battle for the story is a tricky territory. Le Carre has always explained his political convictions, even if he is older, but this version Small drummer girl The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as it was in 1979, was treated with dignity with skepticism. Those who are murdered by murder, torture and retaliation, indeed, the issues of territory and sovereignty seem to be as weak as next. Everything about this Semtex, meeting at the train station, this questioning, this body. "I do not really see a bad guy in this story – or a good guy," says Shannon. "These are two cultures that have legitimate complaints. They always have, but they are all involved with real people, not heroes and criminals. They are just people."

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