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The study repels lung cancer with non-smokers

Washington: Lung cancer is not only diagnosed for smokers but also for a large number of non-smokers as well as new studies.

The study was published in the Royal Medical Society magazine.

As estimated, some 6,000 people who have never smoked have died of lung cancer in the UK. This figure is higher than the number of cervical cancer (900), lymphoma (5200), leukemia (4,500) and ovarian cancer (4200).

“For too long, lung cancer is only considered as smoking. It is still an important association, but, as this work shows, the scale of the challenge means the need to raise awareness with the doctor and policy makers about other risk factors, including indoor and outdoor air pollution, ”said Paul Cosford, chief author. study.

Some of the main factors in smoking lung cancer are secondary exposure to smoke, carcinogenic effects at work, and even outdoor pollution. Indoor kitchen is also a major factor contributing to lung cancer.

Cosford also said: "By giving a promise of clean air, we can reduce the number of lung cancer cases that have never smoked."

Mits Peake said that the myth of smoking lung cancer says: “Despite our understanding, most people who have never smoked do not believe they are at risk and often face long delays in diagnosis, reducing their chances of receiving medical treatment. . ”

He added: "Smoking stigma has been a major factor in inhibiting the interest, knowledge and research of lung cancer. Therefore, in many ways, smokers who develop lung cancer are at a disadvantage. ”

"By focusing on the impact of key factors on lung cancer, smokers never have the opportunity to step up their efforts to address other major public health issues," he decided.

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