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The government needs to move to the right or to stop


Without Bennett as defense minister, "this government is called the right, but in practice it exercises a left-wing policy," said Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

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The government is no longer in the right wing, and it needs to turn well, if it wants to continue to exist, Ayelet Shaked, Justice Minister at the Naftali Bennetta House Party, said.

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett told Netanyahu with an ultimatum on Wednesday night: giving us a security portfolio or my own Jewish home party leaving the coalition.

Earlier on this day, Defense Secretary Avigdor Liberman announced his resignation, leaving the Likud-led government with a narrow coalition of Cossacks.

Given the government's achievements on the law, such as the Rules of Procedure and Israeli sovereignty at the University of Aria in Samaria, Shaked said that there is still much to be done and "it's clear that this government will not do this". Israeli national news reported

"The only justification for the government's existence until November 2019, when the elections are foreseen by law, is" the fact that Bennett will radically change security will restore Israel's deterrence, lost in Liberman over the past two years, and helped clear up the deep security crisis, "she announced.

"Besides this, this government is called the right side, but in practice the left-wing policy is being implemented," Shaked added, indicating that otherwise the government should be eliminated and Israel should go to pre-election.

"The public has emptied the right to vote and left, and the continuation of a new left wing government will endanger the right power," she said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has consulted coalition parties in an effort to stabilize the government and prevent premature elections.

"In the past few days, I talk to all the leaders of the coalition. Tonight, I will meet with Minister of Finance Kahlon, trying to prevent the government from running out. In this sensational time, it would be unnecessary and wrong to go to the elections in the face of security," said the Prime Minister's weekly Cabinet of Ministers meeting on Sunday morning.

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