Saturday , May 15 2021

Summary of the 2nd Annual Cucherman STEM Leaderchart

The second annual Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program U.S.-Israeli Symposium took place at the beginning of this month at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. The topic (which is more of a statement than a question) about "What's next is STEM".

The event's website shows topics such as stem cell regeneration for "traumatic healing, neurological events and aging" and "how to break the heart."

The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program, founded by Mortimer Zuckerman, company and magazine editor, "supports the latest generation of generation leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the United States and Israel, and, over time, promotes greater collaboration among centers of the world's most advanced research projects."

"It's a privilege to expand Morte's idea and see that this scholarship program comes to life," said Eric Gertler, the Zuckerman Institute's trustee. "You Zukermanas scientists, everyone had problems in their work, but these problems do not stop with big ideas on how to proceed."

"Robert Kennedy was quoting the hope of a hope – you're throwing pebble water, and this creates several currents with different energy centers, all interconnected," he described. "This is what we are doing here, creating great hope for energy and creating large bridges between the United States and Israel."

Booz Golany, Technion's vice president of external communications and resource development, said: "The United States-Israeli bridge created by Mort Zuckerman in creating this program will be called as his largest and most influential real estate project by day."

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