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"Soul of Israel" is Michael Solomonov

"In hummus, hummus basically goes out of the faucets," Michael Solomonov, the Philadelphian cook, writes in his new book.

However, in Israel, dipping chickpeas would never double as an empty canvas on which the new cookbook will be labeled by young men's salad, lamb kernels, roasted butternut squash, or one of the 24 coatings left by America's most outstanding contemporary Israeli kitchen practitioner. .

A clock on almost 400 pages and packed as pita pockets with tips for Israeli lovers of food, "The Soul of Israel" is a celebration of a large-format coffee table worthy of 70 years old homeland.

From the known phallaps and pitu to less-known sabich (eggplant sandwich) and cubbe (garlic pancake soup) in Solomonov on Friday, the Mark Jewish Community Center at the Atlanta Book Festival, this is included in this collection of 167 recipes and photographs.

But the "soul of Israel" is more than just another pretty face.

Solomonov, the triple James Beard Award winner and co-author, Cook, who, as his business partner, performs his homework, pointing out a material filter to each context and history of the meal through the Imperial Lens of the Philadelphia Restaurant, which includes Zahawi; Falafel Goldie Shop hummus restaurant Dizengoff; and several other restaurants.

At the same time, explicitly explored cookbooks doubled as a guide to Israeli restaurants and markets where Solomonov was born and where he returned to 18. Growing up in Pittsburgh and without Jewish skills, he found work as a baker. Thus, his career was born.

If Michael Peace's fabulous photos of Jerusalem's iconic humor, Haifa beer gardens, Jaffa's grills and the magnificent, time-consuming Israeli landscape recall the Saveur magazine, it's no coincidence. The "soul of Israel" was produced by the founder of Saveor, Dorothy Kalin, and it's visually appealing.

One day I go through Israel, and when I do this book will be my guide. Now the recipes are accompanied. There is no doubt that the hummus of my faucet is missing before you know it.

"The Soul of Israel: Light, Essential, Delicious" by Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook (Rux Martin Books / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $ 35.00)

AUTHOR'S EXAMINATION: November 16 at noon Solomonov in a conversation with LJ Figueras, editor-in-chief of the AJC for dining and dining at Atlanta Marcus Jewish Community Center, 5342 Tilly Mill Road, Dunwoody. Cashiers lunches will be served, which include recipes from the book. $ 25

Wendell Brock is an Atlantean food and culture writer, often a contributor to the AJC and winner of the 2016 James Beard Foundation Journalist Award. Follow him on twitter (@ Morbrock) and Instagram (@WendellDavidBrock).


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