Tuesday , October 4 2022

Right-wing Israeli lawmaker coral wheelchair-related colleague as "half human" – ahead


JERUSALEM (JTA) – The Likud party legislator, Orens Hazan, is subject to a firewall, inviting his colleagues to "half the people" during the Knesset debate.

The Liberal opposition Meretz party, Ilan Gillon, criticized the Minister of Culture Miri Regeve for a debate on a bill banning public funding for cultural organizations that show a lack of "loyalty" to the state. Hazan leapt at Regev's defense, and the lawmakers exchanged words.

After Gilon called Hazan for the "Prague Golem", an anthropomorphic clay and given life, Hazan threatened the disabled, who said: "If you were not half a person, I would answer you."

Gilon had a poliomyelitis as a child and often used a wheelchair.

Later Hazan apologized for the cruel appearance of saying that he was not laughing for the legislator's disability.

"My comments refer to his barbaric behavior, and nothing else. If my statements were to be understood otherwise, it was not my intention. Please accept an apology," said Hazan.

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