Sunday , February 28 2021

Removal schedule from the 24th KIFF website to prevent mistakes: Prosenjit

Atan Roy

Kolkata, November 14 (UNI) The Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) yesterday encountered a negative buzz among internet users as a sudden movie from the film from the movie from the official website.

Subsequently, many negative comments have been seen by social media and other web platforms.

In this regard, in an exclusive conversation with UNI, Chairwoman of the 24th KIFF, Prosenjit Chatterjee found out all the lies.

Mr Chatterjee said: "There is no technical issue, nor some discrepancies. We have done this because we do not want visitors to the city's cinema to be in any way considered wrong. We are aware that Kolkata residents are eagerly awaiting this very holiday. In fact, the video footage The formats that some of the websites have sent screenings in different sections do not work properly in some theaters. As we have already noticed some problems with Navina and Mitra today. That's why we re-think what we need and put it on the website. So movie buffs will get the right information. the day before the screening. "

The schedule has not been affected by changes in major locations, such as Nandan and Rabindra Sadan.

Mr Chatterjee added: "Even in Nazrul, there were some problems with us, some of the houses that sent the films to different categories were accordingly mitigated in writing, because there are no subtitles in these films. If the film is sent to the competition, sans subtitles, what can we do? "

But that's not just the fact that KIFF faces this, not because it's the first time in the world. Even a festival like Cannes is just like that.

"So our team examines all the films to be tested, and they update the graphics on the website after each green light from the technical point of view"; closed Prosenjits.


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