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Measure, is it a new and different epidemic?

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The epidemic has taken over the United States, a destructive measles hysteric infection. People with hysteria of measles come to the audience and think about who is hiding with the terrible contagious virus that they will take and go home to children and their children's friends.

The epidemic has taken over the United States, a destructive measles hysteric infection. People with hysteria of measles come to the audience and think about who is hiding with the terrible contagious virus that they will take and go home to children and their children's friends.
Wait a minute, when I was a kid, exactly as we did it! We spread very infectious viruses on the rough sides of the chicken, the bite pillars, yes, yes, and even the pigs, just not afraid. Family doctors were on board with all that; it was a natural part of the increase to get a litter; it was normal for parents to have their children get these childhood lesions, build their immune systems, and continue to operate in a healthy life.
We all had rubbish when I was a child, in fact, the CDC believes that anyone born before 1957 has immunity to measles throughout their lives. Why did We all go through benign, self-limiting illness, which causes discomfort and the need to stay in bed with fever. Pre-vaccination medical textbooks characterize the mass, thus creating a minimal risk for a well-nourished child.
And there is an outstanding reward waiting for rubbish: lifetime immunity! No. Amplifiers. Required. Anyway
This is a method that developed over a very long period of time and the way people in the community have always been handling microbes before vaccine enthusiasts. If you think this is false, immediately go to the clinic and immediately get your Bubonic measles vaccine and your liver fever vaccine. Oh, wait, we do not need vaccines to protect ourselves from these "sometimes deadly" germs, but are we from bait?
When the measles vaccine was first advertised in the American community in the early 1960s, the number of deaths related to measles dropped by almost 100 percent since 1900. "Prior to the availability of the vaccine, infection with measles virus in childhood was almost universal, with more than 90 percent of people at the age of 15 being immunized," according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Operations Manual, the Pink Book.
How on earth did we get from "Everyone Gets a Merry Meat" to "Massage! Enjoy your life!"
Interestingly, the CDC has so far not clear whether this current circulating bursal infection involves wild-type virus or vaccine-specific virus. As the CDC itself points out, this is an important issue that needs to be addressed in order to understand how we are dealing with measles.
"The molecular epidemiology of measles virus is an important component of disease outbreaks and global swine-pox control of swine circulation," according to the CDC website. "During a survival, the measles vaccine is given to help control the outbreak, and in these situations, vaccine reactions can be erroneously classified as bite cases."
Yes, this is true if the vaccine causes some measles and the symptoms are identical to the wild-type measles virus. The only way to find out the difference between strains of wild and vaccine measles is through laboratory tests.
Then there is a failure. The release is what happens when the vaccine virus runs through the body and the viral particles are released from the nasal and salivary glands of the mouth, which is a good way to spread the virus. As more and more people are injected with a vaccine, the release of live vaccines against measles increases far-reachingly.
Today's media has been developing with Disneyland's bait, which causes passion and fervor to the usual boot boy: they will not be asked by non-enteral men who give up vaccines. Media accounts automatically blame people who are not vaccinated, even if the problem is a vaccine failure. News journalists can easily carry out a small investigation and find that the real-time result of biting vaccines against MMR vaccines over several generations is quite different from the story. Obviously, it's much easier to simply join the hopeless choir who blames every outbreak that comes to the unvaccinated.
The secret that CDC, the media and local health departments are desperate to avoid mentioning is a widespread failure of the vaccine to prevent bites. Seven disneyland workers have been ill with measles, although they have been completely vaccinated. Massive outbreaks occur with an alarming regularity between highly vaccinated human populations.
"Therefore, measles outbreaks also occur between highly vaccinated primary and secondary vaccine deficiencies in the population, resulting in measles being introduced gradually by increasing the number of susceptible individuals and outbreaks, leading to a paradoxical situation where, in the very immunized society, most commonly found in those that were previously Immunized. "Grigory Poland, MD, in the January issue of Vaccine.
This is repeated: "The mussel in a highly immunized society is predominantly found among those who were previously immunized." Imagine that! The remuneration for re-vaccination against measles is reduced by measles.
For the sake of accuracy, we no longer have to hear the bait against vaccine-preventable disease, it's just a vaccine-varying disease. If measles has been affected in young children at an age when the infection is mild, Vaccination with laboratory measles virus has never prevented the infection, but only changed the time of infection.
Massage outbreaks are now taking place in the elderly, not before the vaccine age, in age groups with measles more at risk of complications. It has also infected many younger ages. The problem of "too young vaccination" has never been a problem before the measles vaccine has been widely used since the children received protection from mother's milk while the mother had experienced her own measles.
Why are our public health officials so eager to exaggerate the dangers of over-measles infections so that people can scare away from obtaining a MMR vaccine – a vaccine that does not promote the age range of infected viruses?

Dr. Darrel Crain – good health, of course
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