Thursday , August 11 2022

Leva Borodulina's impressive collection of Soviet photographs is being sold


BHerodulin was never in it for money. While collecting, dents were not commercially valuable; he just wanted to keep what he admired the offspring. When an agency, like TASS, was cleared, he completed it. In this way, the curator of the collection says Maya Katznelson, he rescued invaluable works, including prints from magazine archives such as Soviet photo, Ogoniok, Iskusstvo and Theatrical Life.

In addition, many works came from photographers' families and critics of Russian art, such as the editor of the Soviet photo magazine Lilija Uhtomskaya, who in 1991 closed a catastrophic fire – Borodulin rescued what he could.

In 1972, an increasing anti-Semitism in Russia, the Jew Borodulin left for life in Tel Aviv, from time to time returning home, if he heard about the archives of photographers who were thrown out.

Over the past 20 years, his son, Alexander, has helped organize a collection and publish prints in museums. All-time Soviet photography slowly gained some value. Every one of the best known photographers such as Rodchenko and El Lissicka, monthly and rare original prints can now buy six-digit amounts.

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