Saturday , May 15 2021

Kentucky blocks government procurers from engaging in an Israeli boycott – US news

Kentucky Cow Matt Bevin signed an injunction banning public contracts with companies participating in campaigns to boycott Israel.

Republican spokesman Bevin signed an order on Thursday in the Kentucky Capitol with the US Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, and Judith Varnai Shorer, Israeli Consul General for the Southeast in the United States, the Associated Press.

The Enforcement Order 2018-905 refers to a "prohibition of discrimination against boycotts against Israel and other trading partners in public contracts," says a four-sided document.

"The Commonwealth of Kentucky explicitly rejects the BDS movement and firmly opposes Israel," he points out, referring to Boycott, the division and sanctions against the Jewish state.

A government organization "can not conclude a contract" unless it includes a representative of the contractor that the contractor is not currently involved and will not launch a boycott of a person or organization "with which Kentucky can enjoy open trade", says the document.

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The supporters of the BDS movement say it's a non-violent way to support the cause of Palestine. But Bewins called the movement anti-Semitic and "disgusting."

The Bevina Office says that 25 other countries have laws or injunctions to ban the use of state resources to support the BDS movement.

"There should be no doubt: Boycotting is bad for business in Israel, and most countries are in agreement," writes William Darov, Senior Vice President of North American Jewish Federations.

Last year, Kentucky exported goods and services to Israel in the amount of approximately $ 85 million, the order said.

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