Thursday , March 4 2021

Israeli municipalities prepare for the debate on the elections – Israeli news

At least 110 candidates will hold regular elections throughout the country on Tuesday in 55 local government governments in Israel. The extra round is called in places where no candidate lost over 40% of the vote two weeks ago.

Between 1 P.M. and 10 p.m. On Tuesday, nearly two million people in 19 municipalities, 29 municipalities and seven regional councils will have the right to vote with the staff from the Israeli jail service and the Israeli Defense Forces.

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In Jerusalem, in one of the fastest races, Prime Minister Moshe Leone was on a Monday talks to support the Hizdai faction in support of the ultra-orthodox Israeli party; He already has a very orthodox Degel Hatorah party support. However, a member of the city council who was affiliated with Gur Hasidic sects told Haaretz that no death had taken place and the secular candidate Ofer Berkovitch "remains the choice."

"The talks are still ongoing, but in order to reach an agreement, she is [Berkovitch’s] people have to understand that it's possible to live together in this city, "said Advisor Yohanon Weitzman. But Ofer must step up his efforts to show goodwill so that it can be sold in a batch. "

One source in the talks said that only the lower echelons were involved in the negotiations between Berkovich's "Hitorerut" ("Atmodas") party and "Agudat Yisrael".

Berkowitz, meanwhile, fought for her efforts to win the Zeus Elkins, Jerusalem affiliate, and Likud's supporters who lost their first municipal elections. Hectorarat activists who are massacred outside the orthodox districts around Jerusalem to encourage citizens to vote.

"The drama is at its height," said Mordecai Cohen, General Manager of the Home Office, who will post updates on releases on his website. "We also expect a large percentage of votes in this round."

On Monday, Cohen said that his staff had completed all preparations for the vote, and his ministry invited the candidates to respect and help maintain the democratic process.

The vote will target twenty-six historic members of the mayor – one of them – a woman. In the first round 11 deputies were appointed in 11 places, but seven of them are desirous.

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