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Inside VW, Mobileye deal to launch Autonomous Travel Services in Israel – TechCrunch


The world of automotive vehicles in the world comes with a repetitive brief cut of formal precision: company X launches robotaxi fleet / test program for city Y, which [insert date]. These statements are immediately forgotten until the first drivers are discovered, an accident occurs or a new participant joins the test program. Rinse out. repeat

A recent announcement between the VW group, Intel Computer Sciences subsidiary Mobileye, and Champion Motors were not unevenly resolved. The Volkswagen group, Intel Mobileye and Champion Motors announced plans to establish Israel's first driving service in 2019 with the joint venture "New Mobility in Israel".

Exaggerated elements of the announcement were discovered, and other articles that did not get the attention they deserved. Efforts must be made to find out what's wrongly translated and to worry about details that are important.

Screws and nuts

The new mobility robotax service will not be launched in Israel next year as a commercial business. Of course, some coverage has interpreted it as such. But this is not the case. Here's what's going on.

The Israeli government formally accepted the New Mobility proposed by the Israeli government in the Israeli government at a 2018 smart mobility meeting held in Tel Aviv last Monday. The group will begin testing the next year in Tel Aviv and expanding this service until the year 2022 is fully operational. (Intel and Mobileye have begun testing parking in Jerusalem in May 2018.)

VW and Mobileye were not – and if pressed, it would not be revealed which city they intend to check. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted at the Smart Mobility Summit dinner that the group will be tested in Tel Aviv.

The project will start with dozens of engines of engines – each with safety drivers behind the wheel. An early rider program that will provide access to the service for the tested members of the public is likely to begin in 2021, TechCrunch, who came up with an unnamed source who was known for the deal.

Each of the three companies involved in the joint venture offers part of this self-drive vehicle business. Champion Motors will lead the Fleet Operations and Control Center. VW is about to supply electric vehicles. And Mobileye deals with automatic drive. All three companies will add mobility platforms and services to use a commercial service.

The Israeli Government also contributes to providing legal and regulatory support for planning, sharing the necessary infrastructure and traffic data, and providing access to infrastructure as necessary.

What does this mean for Mobileye?

Mobileye will provide its Level 4 AV kit, which was introduced in September at the OTHER 2018 Global Technology Conference. This is a set that provides visual perception, sensor fusion, its REM mapping system, software algorithms and driving policies that will "drive" cars. It is important that the adoption of this system's driving policy or car will be influenced by "Responsibility Sensitive Safety" or RSS, which is the mathematical model that the company introduced last year in the White Paper.

RSS is an open, non-existent offer for all AV companies and tries to formalize the interpretation of legislation relating to self-employed cars. The authors, including Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua, have argued that the interpretation, if followed by all members of the AV industry, would eliminate car accident-related traffic accidents and create a useful driving policy. In their view, a useful driving policy means "flexible driving policies, not over-protective driving, which inevitably could confuse other people's drivers and block traffic and in turn limit the scalability of system deployment," according to a document.

Tel Aviv's auto-ride service will be an important example of the Mobileye AV kit product, which will include its Eye-Q5 chip system. The EyeQ5 is 10x faster in teleoperations than its EyeQ4 chip, which just started this year with BMW, Nio and VW.

What does VW mean?

VW Electrification Plans are currently in transition. The company continues to sell e-Golf and e-up! It is working to create a new generation of fully-integrated, all-electric vehicles in the market in 2020. VW calls this I.D series, which will have a new modular design for electric cars, called MEB design.

Initially, one of the hybrid electric vehicles added to VW will be used in this Tel Aviv program. The company did not disclose the model. But the joint venture will most likely use a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (or PHEV) currently available in Israel. VW Passat GTE PHEV is one of the following vehicles.

In developing the program in Israel, VW will be ready for a test bed and customer for its new electric vehicle line. However, the joint venture in Israel is just one small piece of the VW's overall autonomous vehicle and mobility plans. Let's not forget that it has a partnership with the Aurora driving starter . Volkswagen and Aurora have worked with an integrated automatic drive system for tailor made electric motors in VW's new Moia brand. Volkswagen launches two types of test fleets that use Aurora technology, including one that allows driving on Moia buses.

Some mining sites

After all, the launch in Tel Aviv will allow Mobileye to prove its RSS, the hypothesis that private car industry founders have been privately questioned.

This driving taxi service has extensive government support that could speed up the implementation of the program and push Israel ahead of other countries, such as the United States, which has many autonomous vehicle testing activities.

This new pact, undoubtedly, also triggers the start-up of troubles in Israel. Four to five years ago there were about 60 autonomous vehicles. According to Netanyahu, now there are at least 500.

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