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"Igor wanted to be with Jesus": the Curse of Talc punished his killer worse than prison

After the murder of the singer Malakhov lost money, relationships, beauty, friends and health. He went to the monastery, and then began to drink heavily. In the end, the murderer of Igor died in agony from liver cirrhosis and severe forms of diabetes.

Recently, it became known that Igor Talkov's criminal investigation into the death was resumed. The murder of a musician took place on October 6, 1991 at the Palace of Sports "Jubilee" in St. Petersburg

May 6, 1992 and March 18, 1993, the investigators decided to involve as a defendant in Valeria Shlyafmana, but he went to Israel in January. In the end, the case was suspended due to the fact that the suspect has absconded. It remains unclear why continue the investigation if the participants of the tragic events of '91 have long since passed away, but who is guilty of death is not known.

The fact that there was one suspect – the lover of the singer Aziza, kickboxer and the crime boss Igor Malakhov. A retired Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Valerie told me that he was a real gangster. Once he "cut" the Dagestan, but he survived 17 stab wounds and told the police, they say he'll figure it out.

Malakhov was afraid that he was going down and confessed to the murder and decided to lay low. Turns out, he quarreled with the producer talc Shlyafmanom. Aziz allegedly wanted to speak before Igor and her lover, and part-time and the guard went to investigate. In the end I loose the fight.

Aziz saw Malakhov pulled out a gun and pointed at Talkov. He jumped out of the dressing room and threw his head a kerchief, and a gun tried to pull it out, but in the scuffle Igor made a precise shot, then put it in the hands of Shlafman and ran away.

After the murder, Talkov v. Malakhov and under a curse that punished him worse than the prison, which he feared and which was actively hiding. It turned out that Malakhov became much to drink and broke up with Aziza. Then he went to the Pskov-Pechersk Monastery, and then plunged into the mystique and various Vedas.

Malakhov also changed his name, lost all their money, connections, friends and natural beauty. Did not live Igor and 60 years old, and died in a hospital in agony with liver cirrhosis and severe form of diabetes.

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"Ihorike wanted to be Jesus": Talkov's curse punished his murderer worse than a prison

The KGB hid the killer talc in Israel – Singer could kill the Soviet secret service for anti-aggression

Talc has declared war on the government. First antigarbage "the letter people" he was supposed to read it just like Peter on the day of death, and then on the "Olympic". But for $ 100,000 and the corridor in …

The first director Talkov Kondrat'ev recalled: "Igor wanted to be Jesus and die in 33 years. Apparently overkill ". Perhaps it is the desire to be a Saint preacher, and has led to such a sudden death and such a punishment of the real killer Malakhov.

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