Sunday , February 28 2021

Home Front Command publishes new guidelines

Destruction of Beer Sheva by Gaza Rocket (archive)

Destruction of Beer Sheva by Gaza Rocket (archive)

Flash 90

The Inland Headquarters issued new guidelines for rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon. The population in the Gaza Strip must reside in protected areas.

In the south of the Negev area and in the Lachi community, citizens must remain close to protected areas and protected according to their current time. Invitations and meetings in the open space are prohibited.

"The inhabitants of the Netivot and Ofakima cities must remain in protected areas. The people of Beer Sheva and Ashdod must stay close to protected areas and protected according to their time," said Home Front Command guidelines.

"In the vicinity of Gaza, in the southern Negev and the Lachi communities, the authorities were asked to open the sanctuary. The Inner Front Command instructions must be completed. We will update it as needed."

A 19-year-old man was seriously injured on Monday when a shaft shell strike took place near Sha & # 39; near the Hanegew District Council Community. The shell grabbed the bus, causing it to fire.

More than 100 rockets were sacked around the Gaza strip in shameful communities around an hour, and alarms were heard in the south. In response, IDF fighters jet aircraft began targeting targets along the Gaza Strip, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is currently discussing security issues in Kiryat with the Minister of Defense, Head of Personnel and Defense Organization and IDF.

Seven injured Sderot: severely injured with chest shroud and two lightly injured rainfall in the Osama plant in the city. And four others are easily injured. In addition, the Sorokan Medical Center evacuated two lightly injured soldiers: a female soldier from the outpost of Nahal Oz and a victim of Netivot Trachea.

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